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Film adaptations of your stories


Felis amatus
Same, except that I would be so ridiculously excited that I had sold enough books and garnered enough interest to justify making even the crappiest of movies. It wouldn't be "Yeah, yeah, whatever," it would be "Hell yeah sign me up is there anything I can do?"

Yeah. And if you have even one hit along the lines of a Twilight or Hunger Games, you can spend the rest of your life writing whatever you want, no matter how artsy or inaccessible, and at least from a financial perspective it won't matter if anyone ever reads it. You become free.


Myth Weaver

I find that my desire for some type of standard to my artistic integrity would prevent me from just taking any movie deal. I would not trust hollywood, or any really, to do it justice. If I ever had such success, I would be in a quandry, but I think I want my legacy to be more than some of the stuff I fear current movie studio might do. In part, I think it would be important to hold out for the quality, because if high quality hit a screen, it would give the entire thing much greater life, and maybe enter more easily into some status that outlives me.

But... like that will ever happen...

I would not be unhappy with a graphic novel.

(Maybe there is another thread somewhere where I answered a similar question already. I dont recall, but this is my most current answer ;))
I always wonder about what I'd do. It's very easy to say you value your artistic integrity (and I do) when there is nothing on the line. However, when it comes down to it, and someone offers you $10k would you still stick to that integrity? That's money you can do a lot of fun things with. What about $100k? That's life changing money for a lot of people.

Now, there are some people who would stick to their artistic vision, and I'm impressed by them. I know Brandon Sanderson has recently commented that he's gotten to a point where he doesn't need the money, and so he can stick to his artistic vision. But most people never get to that point, and then almost everyone has a price.