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Forming Online Writing/Social Group: Slack based, all welcome.

Mike Chara

Hi everyone,

From my introduction post and a few chats, it seems a lot of people were interested in an online writing/social group using a slack team channel.

So I've set it up, as well as crafted a first draft of how it will work. The TL;DR is using online instant messaging for quick help from other members, as well as a social channel; with a deeper more in-depth critique trading section for anyone interested in it.

With a bit of luck we'll get a few people in there and make a success of all improving each other's craft.

You can check it out in full at Writing Circle ? Online via Slack. | Mike Chara to see if you're interested.

Hope to see you there.

Mike Chara

Interesting. What is a slack team channel though? Are there any programs to be downloaded and installed?

No downloads are required. In essence, it's a browser-based secure instant-messaging chatroom used by business and groups the world over. I've been using it for several years now for various things, and I don't think there is a better way to stay connected to people.

Here's their official video What is Slack? - YouTube but by all means google independent reviews and what not.

You can get an app on your phone if you want, to stay connected when you're out and about, but it's not necessary.

Mike Chara

Actually I think maybe an example will be helpful, for anyone considering. It would work like this:

You're writing, and you can't get a sentence right or you fear it might be clunky.
You click your 'writing group slack' bookmark.
You click on the #writingtalk channel.
You dump your sentence in there and say, 'guys seriously, what is wrong with my sentence?' - And some people will reply in the same channel to help you out. If you see someone else with a similar question, you help them too and go on your way.
Beware, this channel may turn into quite the time-sink [along with the #general chat for social]!

If you want to be part of the more in-depth part of the group, you'll aim to become a member with access to other channels[how to do this is currently being worked on, but an outline is available on the original blog post]:

You finish the document you were writing, I don't know, perhaps a short story.
You head back to the group, you drop the file in the locked 'members only' area of the slack group, asking for feedback on your grammar or flow or plot, whatever you want.
You give it a day or two (or longer, if your story was particularly lengthy), and people who want their stuff reviewed will pick it up and give you feedback.

In return [because you're nice right, not because you'll get booted out the channels if you're only recieving and not giving], you check out what other people have asked for feedback on, pick up their files, add your notes, and send it back to them – all from the same group chat, just in different channels.

Hopefully that explains it generally.

Mike Chara

Just an update - we now have enough people in the group for feedback to start/critiques to start (and they have). You should come.