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Free stuff to help you write!!!!

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Haha Shadoe,
Hope they don't unload something you really wanted to keep! I take issue with people touching my things.

OH FYI I found the coolest thing at teh goodwill. My little sister is in love with anything asian ( think china/japan here ) And I found one of the traditional dresses that the ladies wear over there. The sucker still had the tags on it! :eek:

Needless to say I snaped that up in a heartbeat! :) Cost 4$ HEHEHE


I only got one book, the rest were only free if I became a subscriber to the amazon book club that they call a library. $79 a year membership to the library if I remember correctly.


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We don't normally object to necromanced threads, but I'm closing this one because the OP was time-sensitive. It gives people a misleading impression to leave it active.
Not open for further replies.