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Game of Thrones Video Game

Discussion in 'Games' started by AlexanderKira, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. AlexanderKira

    AlexanderKira Minstrel

    Having being a HUGE fan of A Song of Ice and Fire..all novels..boardgame..working on the Dvd collection. I saw this game. Everyone says story is good. Combat is okay. And graphics are nasty. But I want your opinion. Should I buy this? Or the first 3 books in hardcover? You decide!
  2. King Raven Stark

    King Raven Stark Scribe

    NO!!!!!!!! Do not buy it's horrible; you can't do any playable movement like unsheathing your sword or running, nothing until you encounter an enemy, then you are free to do what you want, but after that its walk, just walk. And the fighting is wack, its combat sysystem sucks. I returned mines the next day, and beleive your better off saving your $60 bucks or get skyrim, way better
  3. Telcontar

    Telcontar Staff Moderator

    As a rule, never buy games that have coordinated releases with movies, tv shows, or anything else... they always suck.
  4. Will

    Will Scribe

    This game looks horrendous, which is a shame. If it was just like Skyrim, but re-skinned in the Seven Kingdoms, now that would be something...
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  5. Varamyrr

    Varamyrr Minstrel

    i wouldn't really say that.. I recall having tons of fun with battle for middle earth(1) and that was kinda at the same time as the whole lotr hype.

    Personally, if you want a good asoif-game: buy medieval 2 and download a song of ice and fire mod. :D
  6. Centerfield97

    Centerfield97 Troubadour

    From what I've played of it, although the actual gameplay sucks, the story itself was very interesting and engaging. A nice time kill if you ask me, but nothing to compete with skyrim or kingdoms of amalur
  7. Devor

    Devor Fiery Keeper of the Hat Moderator

    That might've been an exception, I don't know. They filmed the entire LOTR series before the first one aired, and then the hype lasted three years. So they would've had more time to develop and release the game, starting to develop it long before the movies aired and releasing them in between movies, for instance.

    Typically, games that are tied strongly to movies are rushed to completion and kicked out relatively unfinished. I do remember reading part of a review for a game, I think with the movie How to Train Your Dragon (never saw it, never played it), and the review said that they had made a solid game by making it very short and focused. But that main problem of just not having the time to make a good game is usually going to be there.
  8. Zenke

    Zenke Scribe

    In my short short experience with this game, I found the combat system sucked. I never got a chance to see any of the story. I might have gotten past the first level if it was a hack and slash, but no, had to go with the turn based style that only works with games like dragon age or never winter nights. you know, ones with magic and the like. I was really disappointed too, I was kinda looking forward to hacking up some wildlings..

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