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I can see how the descendants of famous authors want to keep the legacy alive, but at the same time, these relatives benefit as well. On Sunday, I'm going to attend an exhibit on E.B. White. The exhibit is arranged by the author's grandniece, who my mother had lunch with this past Wednesday. My mom didn't know who the woman was, aside from being a friend of a friend. She found out after telling her my daughter just finished reading Charlotte's Web.

The woman wrote a note to my daughter on her business card, stating she would like to meet her. Is she cashing in on her great uncle's success? Yeah. But does she genuinely love what her uncle has written? I believe she does.

I can't say the same for Harper Lee's family. To Kill a Mockingbird is a beautiful story as it is. To release an older version of the story that changes who Atticus Finch is creates an unpleasant controversy that, to me, seems disrespectful to the author, her classic tale and its fans. (EDIT - Or maybe they do love TKaM but have a funny way of showing it!)
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Right. I'd forgotten that the co-auther of the Elements of Style also wrote Charlotte's Web! Thanks for that reminder.

But I don't think releasing an older version of the story 'changes' Atticus Finch, so much as shows his development.

Seeing that when in the early drafts of LoTR the hobbits reached The Prancing Pony and came across a wooden shoe wearing hobbit called 'Trotter', it didn't change the character of Aragorn one bit. It just showed Tolkien hadn't discovered the correct character right off the bat. Maybe not the best example, but I think the idea holds.

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@Nimue, I thanked Gryphos, removed my thanks, and thanked him again. So he was sort of "no-thanked."

I want to remove his thanks again though. When I was in a Kick-a-Thon charity event 20+ years ago, I executed 1346 kicks in 30 minutes, placing me 5th in my karate club. The guy who placed 4th kicked 1351 times, so I hate the number 1351 (Gryphos' rep now) and like the number 1346 (Gryphos' rep without my intervention).

There. In a fit of nostalgic jealousy, I removed thanks and added it back again. It was therapeutic. I'm over it now.

Pfft… I'll bet "4th-Place Sal" didn't do a flying scissors kick for his 999th and 1000th.


Did no one get the joke? I will repeat it with emphasis on the funny.

GRRM! This comment makes me completely nonplussed!


I got it, I got it. It gets another "No Thanks" from me. :p I'm mentally figuring that into your rep count from now on!