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Myth Weaver
Interesting and Useful; yes. But also subjective. Saying "It’s OK to..." doesn't make it right.
I do like the fact that the author notices there is British-English and American-English. Neither is right, neither is wrong.
[and I use "gotten" all the time :p]


I agree, to an extent it depends on context. I don't use 'gotten' as I am not keen on the word. Grammar rules are often...guidelines.


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I think many of us put commas in the wrong place. They should be used with a conjunction:
What Are Conjunctions?
Remember, conjunctions are words that help to put two different ideas together in a sentence. Without conjunctions, our ideas would be very simple, and our sentences would be very short. In fact, most sentences are built with conjunctions in the English language, linking two or more phrases or clauses together. Read on for a list of common conjunctions.

Kinds of Conjunctions
There are a few kinds of conjunctions. Some simply link two equal phrases together, and some make one clause dependent on the other. The former conjunctions are called coordinating conjunctions. The latter are called subordinating conjunctions. Some conjunctions are only used in pairs. These are called correlative conjunctions.

List of Common Conjunctions
How many of these conjunctions do you use in your everyday life? Take your writing beyond “and” – and learn some more conjunctions that can make your writing more vivid and flexible!

for, or, yet, so, even though, if, after, wherever, until, when, while, although, as, provided that, as if, that, as much as, as though, because, though, as long as, before, in order that, in case, lest, once, by the time, even if, as soon as, only if, since, and, so that, nor, but, than, till, unless, whenever, where :eek:


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I wrote on another thread about grammar software. Well I downloaded a free version and decided it wasn't for me. I then downloaded Grammerly which got good reviews but it's $29 something a month! (thank God I got the free trial) and hated the format. Finnaly I looked at other reviews and purchased WhiteSmoke which works like a dream.(It picked up errors that Grammerly didn't!) There's more to writing than putting words on paper so I would recommend anyone who has grammar issues to think about a helpful software program. Good luck with your writing!:D