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The Oatmeal's Grammar Comics


Article Team
The topic of when to use apostrophes or not just came up in chat a few minutes ago and I was reminded of a nice guide I'd seen on The Oatmeal. I linked it in chat and it was suggested I'd post it on the forums. So, well, here it is, along with a bunch of other similarly useful guides:

How To Use An Apostrophe - The Oatmeal
How to use a semicolon - The Oatmeal

The below ones probably aren't all that relevant here, but are included for amusement:
What it means when you say "literally" - The Oatmeal
10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling - The Oatmeal
The 3 Most Common Uses of Irony - The Oatmeal


I don't even see my mistakes most of the time, it's like a rose-tinted grammar glasses. But Oatmeal is so much fun.

Jess A

Amusing - need to be a grammar snob and share this around.

Particularly loved the 'Bob cats' comic.