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Hello and thank you for having me!


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Hello, everyone. I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I am Trebor, a 28 year old male living in Florida. My occupation isn't 'writer,' though I love doing it and look forward to get a chance to do more.

I started writing at thirteen, and it was your typical childish stuff...forum RPs about Final Fantasy, Star Trek world building, etc. When I was fourteen I stumbled upon a forum like this one and was part of what became a 2000+ page epic fantasy project that I saw through from start to completion. It's just about the only large project I've gotten to the end.

I did a lot of creative writing in college, though since then I've only written intermittently and with variable quality. I love world building and character-based stories, and hope to be able to share my work with all of you.

Thanks for having me.


Good morning Trebordivad,

you will fit right in, there is a forum "Fantasy Writing -> "World Building" which you may enjoy.

Enjoy yourself.


Welcome Trebordivad, Wow, a 2000+ page epic fantasy project, quite impressive. We look forward to seeing your work.