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My name is Tim, i'm 15 and im from Ireland.

Im in my last year of school, unless of course i go onto further education.

I came across this site by a link that was about map creation. I was read through the posts and it seemed like a nice place so i decided to join. I also like that it isnt a hugh community so it isn't hard to fit in. If i come across mean, i dont mean too :).

I havent been writing for that long, but i've always had an interest in fantasy. Im even more keen on it now that im writing about it.

Anyway, hope to have great conversations on this and get to know you all :D


Good you see you Tim! Just look at some of the recommendations from this group on works to read. There is a lot of good fantasy out there that is lesser known simply because it's not in "movie or massmarket" form. Anyways, welcome!

Black Dragon

Hey Tim!

It's great having you here. As far as I'm aware, you are our first member from Ireland, which is very cool.

So are you working on a map for a fantasy world? What sort of writing projects are you interested in pursuing?



Hey tony! :)

I'm not making a map, though i have got a rough one for one of my projects. At the moment im making a fantasy world. I'm creating a rough timeline for it. Ofcourse i have to make a timeline for each race but eh, in time. I've got all the things up in my head and written down and im sure theres more to follow. Just need to get it down and write :).

There's space, planets and lots more :D
Hi Tim! I'm sure you'll fit right in! I'm glad you've gotten into fantasy writing and I hope we can help you out. It's always good to meet other weavers.