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Honest Criticism? (cover art)


The last version was good, I'd add an outer glow to the text layer just to let it pop out a slight bit more as some of the text is merged in with the BG. Good job though


Hello! I haven't posted in months, mainly because I had a baby and we moved to a new state, but I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. I'm starting with updating this thread. Two things:

1) A link to my cover artist's portfolio: https://randomwaltz.wordpress.com/
There's not a LOT on it right now, but he's working on it.

2) My "interim" e-book cover.
As is this cover compliments itself with a good color scheme and the proportion of the objects gives you the feel of being in a massive place. I myself would have preferred that the leaves on the one tree were less soft and and more finely detailed. I think it could benefit from more trees in the distance as well as that one tree in the background almost seems a shadow of the one showing leaves and takes away from that nice orange sky so that there is a slight feel of a photographers backdrop. I think the title and name look fine with the picture as is but wouldn't consider moving the title closer to the top without adding finer detail to those leaves and maybe giving theme a greater plume or whatever it's called, bloomage. If you move the title without increasing detail and adding more background trees all that dark brown will run together. Overall on my critical scale its a 7 out of 10.
Yeah update lol i gotta start at the end of the thread now but sometimes they're so long. That second cover looks great! I misrook what you meany by border as a border around the entire picture. I forgot to mention it anyway. You're husbands very talented.