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How does a superhero conquer the modern world?


Imagine some invincible (no need to breathe, sleep, eat, regenerates from a speck of dust and requires a nuke or two to get to that state), super fast (meaningful fractions of lightspeed), flying super being, previously a normal human. Strength unnecessary of course: f=ma after all. Unfortunately that’s it. You can’t surveil the world with that powerset. You can’t control the minds of local leaders. You can’t even navigate the world, really. So, what would it take? Some well-educated normal person with an eye for world domination takes it upon himself to take over the world. Where does he start?

Go to Washington D.C., Jerusalem, Beijing, Geneva, Tokyo or the like with a lot of cameras trained and interested parties watching by flying to make announcement of the new world leader? Maybe some other demonstrations of power? Then what?

One thing that I could imagine is that this being might threaten publicly to fly at high velocity into something important if a certain trivial (and later nontrivial) demand isn’t met in a week, carry out the threat if not met, and escalate to larger targets, one government of one country at a time.

An assumption to be made is that this is the only superhero in the world, with no one to fight them.

Right now, seems like some kinda pandemic scenario would work.