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How many cities do your stories have?

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Johnny Cosmo, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. I have three continents in my main world, but the major one has 97 cities/towns, whilst one other has 24 (the continent is only about half the size), and the last contient has 10 (but is midway in size between the largest and smallest). The first book in my story has twenty-one cities that the protagonists travel through, but about 18 or so where there is an actual story.

    @ Elder the Dwarf

    The Temujin in Ranger's Apprentice were an analogy for the Mongols. I've no idea why they were attacking Europe in 643 (the actual Mongols attacked in the thirteenth century).

    Also, Flanagan wasn't just making up any of these places on the fly. The entirety of that world is based on real-world history and locations (except for a couple of things). Araluen is England. Picta Scotland. Hibernia Ireland (Hibernia was the Roman name for Ireland). Celtica Wales. Gallica France. Iberia Spain. Toscano is Italy (revealed to be Rome in the tenth book). The Genovsians are Genoans. Arridi is Arabia. Teutlandt is Germany. Skandia Scandanavia. Temujin (which is Genghis Khan's actual name) Mongols. Nihon-ja are Japanese (Nihon or Nippon means Japan in Japanese). Also regarding the tenth book, when they travel south, they cross a canal (Suez Canal) except instead of being built by the British or French, it was built by Assyrians (Assyria was a early Iron Age empire). The Indus place is an actual place, the Indus river in the west of the Indian subcontinent. I believe that was supposed to represent the Harrapan civilisation however.
  2. Elder the Dwarf

    Elder the Dwarf Maester

    I understand and already knew everything you said above (well, at least I understand everything that came from the books before arridi because that was the last book I read). I know that it was based on real world geography, which I don't like but that's another point entirely. What I am saying is that it is extremely annoying for us to go to Arridi, or Teutlandt, or Gallica, when they haven't been mentioned in the 3, 4, or 5 preceding books. It sucked. Not to say the series sucked, it was very charming and a fun read. However, I was stating that this specific aspect was annoying and if the Temujin were so damn important why haven't we heard of them before the 4th (I believe) book? I'm advising authors here to avoid this. Also, to the thirteenth century comment, I don't think he was trying to be historically accurate as far as dates, as in the book he says that the Temujin have already invaded once.
  3. Cinder

    Cinder Scribe

    The world I'm currently working on is divided into six "countries".

    The largest country has approximately 7 cities, and perhaps around 15 villages/towns.
  4. demented-tiger

    demented-tiger Dreamer

    The only cities I have are the important ones that are constantly refered to, or where the action is taking place. This is about three, at present. However it's implied there are many cities, great and small, in my world, which is similar to Europe and North America in the early 20th century. I have at least 9 countries on one continent, 2 of which are major players in my story. I will add more cities as I need them.
  5. Phoenix

    Phoenix Troubadour

    Okay the first step to deciding how many cities you need is to find out how many cities you don't need. For example a small country won't have as much as a bigger one. Also don't include cities that are irrelevant. Now if a town (village, tribe, city, etc.) is attacked by a hostile force, I would add that. This is just an opinion, but I always liked to see where the enemy was so I could anticipate there next move. You might want to also jot it down if its mentioned. Now you don't have to put all the town and crap down, its understood that they're there. You might want to also make a legend distinguishing cities, villages, and towns. Just what I would do. Peace out.
  6. SeverinR

    SeverinR Vala

    I create a village, town, city when I need one.

    I have used "Capital city" in several stories. (Simple name, original city name was of a hero, that turned traitor so they dropped that name and people just called it Capital city and it stuck)

    The one map I drew had six villages/towns/cities, but it is a map of five provinces though.

    The smaller the village the less problem it will cause in the world scheme. Villages pop up and are destroyed/abandoned quick enough.

    So far my main country has three very large cities.
    Its enemy country has two large cities so far.

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