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How NOT to do a Free Book Promotion


Looking at my Amazon wish list this morning (as I do just about every morning) to see if any of the books on it have become free, and I run across this one, which has.

However, looking at the description, the first line catches my eye.

Cloak - Lost Son of the Crested Folk is currently being revised and re-edited. The new version will be uploaded for sale on 11th Dec 2013.

Okay, so you're releasing a new and revised edition of the book in 5 days. And you're offering the old version free now? Why would I wanna pick up the old version?

I think it'd be much more effective to way until the new version is out and then offer it for free for a few days, not offer the old, presumably problem-ridden, version for free.


Myth Weaver
If it was a printed book, and given a bit of luck and 50-100 years... it could be worth a fortune:p