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How to write good poems.

Poems dont need rhymes, although I feel rhymes can add a skew to poems that normal lines without rhymes cannot.
Im only beginning to write poems without rhymes.
Is rhyme needed?
A good question, I feel the question alone is depleted.
Should poems be rated?
I feel this may be true, or perhaps faded.
What makes poems good?
Not what they imply, rather what they should.
Shall this poem be bested?
Perhaps, somewhere tested.
What kind of poem is this?
A poem of questions turned to bliss.
I am emphatically not a poet but I do sometimes use poems in my writing, typically in one of three ways:
As a chapter heading e.g.
"In the deep shade of the green,
Where forest creatures lie.
In the damp cool of the earth,
Where creeping rhizomes scry.
In the leaf lined dwellings,
Where sighing high winds fly.
On the fabled Isle of Echoes,
Where lost Armentum cries.
There stands Navernum."

As a way of emphasising the history of an oral tradition culture - since rhythm and rhyme make the lines easier to recall I figure they are a valid tool for a non-written culture to self perpetuate. e.g.
Twice by fire, twice by sword
once by ice and once by lord.
Once by rock and once by wine
Once again to make up nine

(from my entry in this week's challenge)

As a way of entities speaking in a code so that others may not appreciate what information is being passed / preserved - in one of my stories two gods form a plan to manipulate mortals into achieving an aim that would be against the wishes of other more powerful gods. They fashion a plan which they spread to their adherents in the form of rhymes - sailors shanties, nursery rhymes, drinking songs, military marching songs. In this way they spread their ideas widely but covertly.