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Is this a good starting point for my world? Does it sound too cliché?


Emperor Tiberon rules from the Primary Kingdom. He has rulership over all of the kingdoms and subkingdoms on the continent of Etrya. The royal kingdoms are divided into several subkingdoms, each with its own ruler or governing body. These subkingdoms have their own unique customs, traditions, and histories that distinguish them from one another. Some of the subkingdoms are more powerful and influential than others. The kings are in line to the throne under the emperor unless he decides to have an heir.
Emperor Tiberon has put his royal kingdoms in charge of the lesser kingdoms. The lesser kingdoms lack wealth, prestige, and royal heritage. The poorest villagers in Etrya live in the lesser kingdoms. The villagers in the lesser kingdoms live in the most rural parts of the empire.

My main inspiration is the video game Fire Emblem. I wanted to make the kingdoms divided up similar to the way Lycia is divided up into different territories and ruled by a marquess.


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Sounds a little like the US, and probably much like any empire.

Just some thoughts....Do Emperor's decide to have an Heir? or does one just kind of pop up? Even if the current guy has plans, and tradition would suggest, who is next could still be in flux. And while it may make for nice organization for the poorest to live in some of the lessor areas, poor would be spread everywhere. Those who are so poor as to be 'homeless' or 'destitute' would likely find more wealth in bigger population centers than rural areas. They may migrate there.

Dont know anything about Fire Emblem, so... cant help with that.
It sounds like a good starting point. Nothing too unique about it. But that's because the devil is in the details. Place this empire in central Africa it it will very very unique very quickly to most fantasy readers. Place it in generic pseudo-medieval England, and it will feel fairly cliche.

It sounds like a nice basis for a story. Plenty of places where you can have conflict, which is the glue of stories. Without conflict there is no story.

One thought about the Lesser Kingdoms being poorer. Just know that historically this wasn't always the case. The greater kingdoms will be that because of tradition. Some parts of lesser kingdoms could be wealthier than parts of greater kingdoms, but because they're on the wrong side of the border they might have fewer rights or privileges.
It doesn’t sound like a cliche, but are you concerned about ‘originality’?

It sounds like the USSR if it had kept the Czars.

Just go with it and have fun with it.
I don't find anything objectionable, but I question if you have read the richness of Philip of Macedonia and his son Alexander the Great, or if you've been enthralled by the intrigue of the Tudor court. Or perhaps the struggles between Carthage and Rome and the resulting Punic wars might interest you. Understanding the transition from the Roman Republic to The Roman Empire is invaluable regarding political intrigue. I think being inspired by your game is great. I drew from elements of Skyrim in creating my world, but for the sake of verisimilitude there's no escaping an understanding the enmity and peace between our worlds countries, kingdoms, and empires


What is the state of peace between these Kings, or does the Emperor war the lesser states, or are the races at arms amongst each other, or with others, or who do the lesser Kings descend from?

Fire Emblem is unique, in that the chess board style battle system, has story elements that changes based on what characters roll over and die, if not healed, permanently, making it popular amongst certain characters.

Countries see migration based on warfare, due to unknown religious ideology, so if the Emperor is weak, strong, or racist, what stops a coup?

Is it based on vengeance, with what would misanthrope look like?

Is marriage sanctified, or is it a herd mentality?

I say this, wondering why Emperor Tibetan has such a strong grip on his kingdom, if he is questioning an heir, and if Etrya is becoming unstable based on a god king mentality. These are some ideas I came up with, in my own dabbling.