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Looking for writing partners to form a small group

I am a young adult and somewhat young to writing, so preferably someone in Europe, or even better in Scandinavia, who's at the same stage or close, but I am of course open to wiser and less.

I like things as tame as Deltora Quest and Discworld, to brutal as Witcher and Berserk. So quite a long range, as long as it isn't too morally plain and ignorant (black and white), or unnecessarily brutal and depressive.

Working on world and character building mostly, from fauna and flora to the world as a whole.
Its a world that i intend to use as my writing universe, capable of telling light to dark, low to high fantasy, with classical and new elements, like folk lore and new work, with mainly a medieval European and Nordic inspired world for the time being, but more will likely be added.

I am open to sharing collaboratively it if a proper writing team forms, or share ideas as a minimum
Anyone good at illustrating is a plus as well
Time zones aren't much of a problem, it just means that there will be less chances for live conversations

And this is primarily to find people with the same kind of fantasy interests and get more/quicker help with each others work, or even work collaborative on the same thing, and build a shared universe if it goes well enough


Hi there!
I'm not sure I understand what you're looking for. Are you looking to co-author or sharing ideas, encouragement etc (more like writing group)?

I live in Sweden, 27 yr old so not YA but not sooo far from it. Currently preparing my NaNo project which is an epic fantasy. But I'm new to writing myself so I don't think I know what "my" genre is yet. I guess I'm mostly interested in something more like a writing group, I need some accountability. But I'm open for future collaborations if it feels right and beneficial.