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Make sense and does this sound good for my plot?

This is for a novel I am writing. Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you would like to know some background on this please read my previous threads as i mention information there. Thanks.

Timeline of Events:
- 1850 B.C.E. — The Fae arrive on Earth after Cronus Desrosier and the Order of the Six open the veil that separates worlds after their homeworld of Coventry was being ripped apart and destroyed by the Century War. Placing millions of Faeries in modern day Mesopotamia. This ends the last glacial period, warming the planet. Their arrival sees fire rain from the skies over two desolate areas will fire also rains on a city, an outpost of the Atlantean Empire completely destroying it. The Fae ignite the humans who have been oppressed by the technologically advanced Atlanteans for hundreds of years in rebellion, the end of the Atlantean Empire is near.
- 1840 B.C.E. — After a decade of harsh fighting the Fae-Human coalition forces land on the continent of Atlantis and crush the Atlanteans within their cities. Following the total defeat of the Atlantean Empire the humans disperse and return to their nomadic and primitive lifestyles only being able to defeat the Fae due to their magic which was more powerful on Earth than it was in Coventry. The Fae with this new found powerful magic bound the Atlanteans to Atlantis never allowing them to leave and conquer again. The Fae are remembered by generations of humans but are soon forgotten from memory and eventually even the Atlantean Empire falls into myths to the point the myths barely represent what the great empire was. The Great War of Freedom is forgotten and lost to history like the Atlantean Empire.
- 1840-1760 B.C.E — The Fae spread out and settle throughout the world but remain connected through their magic, making them able to remain in contact at all times. The Order of Six and their families along with Cronus Desrosier and his family make it their duty to keep their existence a secret and destroy all evidence of the Atlanteans obliterating their cities, artefacts and crystals helping the humans forget. They settle in the Ural Mountains and make it their duty to protect the Fae.
- 1760 B.C.E — 840 AD — The Fae live alongside humans for millennia in peace having aided the humans many times in small matters. The only notable thing to happen throughout the millennia to the Fae is the movement of the Order of Six rebranded as the Authority to the British Isles and founding the modern day city of Coventry. The Fae used their magic secretly to keep from getting exposed from the humans throughout the ages, but to the Fae’s amazement the humans were evolving at a rapid pace.
- 850 AD — Even with the fall of the Roman Empire and civilisation generally declining the Authority knew the humans would evolve and continue to develop again and with the advent of the Roman Catholic Church and other such institutions the Authority knew the Fae could not remain secret forever. As well there was the issue of Atlantis being discovered by the humans, the Authority may have obliterated the Atlanteans from the rest of earth but Atlantis remained as a barbaric shadow of its former self. The Authority plan to colonise and conquer Atlantis and seal it from the humans to protect themselves and the secret of Atlantis.
- 855 AD — The first Fae arrive back in Atlantis to find a harsh barbaric world nothing like the former gem of the Atlantean Empire, the cities in ruins and the people nomadic tribes and the crystals powers extinguished. The Authority along with 1000 Fae colonise the outlying islands of Atlantis and the Great Calling is made and transmitted throughout the Fae.
- 855-860 AD — The Conquering of Atlantis, the now primitive Atlanteans had no chance against the magic and weaponry of the Fae and the Atlanteans were quickly subdued and the entire continent conquered. The Elders of the Authority proclaim victory and the greatest magic ever used on earth was soaked into the lands of Atlantis making the land incredibly fertile and beautiful, but more importantly the continent was sealed from the inside making it invisible to all humans and repelling them away from it. As well as the enchanted shield around the continent a number of portals were created that would allow the Fae to travel in between their new realm and that of the humans one of these portals being located in Bermuda and is known to humans as the Bermuda Triangle. The portals also had another use to allow humans to enter their realm and bring more people to the realm to keep the population levels high. Almost all disappearances at sea are related to the Fae portals the seas being dangerous and rough and green light being seen by the humans before they enter. The Fae had finally found their sanctuary away from Coventry.
- 860-900 AD — The Old Kingdoms are founded as well as a number of city states, the Fae’s feudalistic society is formed in these early decades with a noble aristocratic class and commonfolk. Many of the great Fae cities are built during this time, as well as the wealthiest and most prominent Fae families proclaim themselves monarchs of the Old Kingdoms many of the noble families become noble during this time too. The Fae also avoid the ruins of the Atlantean cities seeing them as haunted.
- 900-906 AD — The monarchy of Lumeria the House of Desrosier is overthrown and forced into exile.
- 978 AD — The Desrosiers now the wealthiest family in all Atlantis now called Aeterna by the Fae are restored to the throne of Lumeria.
- 1020-1029 AD — The War of Thrones sees many of the Old Kingdoms united into the new nation of the United Eight Kingdoms of Aeterna. This new superpower is under the rule of the wealthy Desrosiers who become the High Monarchy with the head of the house being the leader of the country as either High King or High Queen. The other seven kingdoms which were incorporated into the empire (some against their will and their royalty being replaced so not to see revolution lead by them) with the respective monarchies keeping their titles as kings of their kingdoms but their powers limited and now having to pledge allegiance to the Desrosiers or face being exiled or worse death. To counteract the Eight Kingdoms a number of small kingdoms unite to form the Grand Kingdom of Pentos.
- 1029-1956 AD — A great time of peace and prosperity between the Fae in Aeterna the continent flourishes with the Fae becoming enlightened, artistic, and becoming a leisurely race with great institutions for religion and learning with many great teachers, writers, poets and painters. The Fae develop different to the humans even though developing right alongside them, the see human inventions as toys and only use trains for their fast transportation the rest of Aeterna is not industrialised and still remains very medieval.
- 1956-1965 AD- The Nine Year Rebellion in the Eight Kingdoms. Following the death of High King Isador VI his eldest son and heir becomes King Avery II, but this claim is contested by his twin Prince Alston who rebels and proclaims himself King, a bitter civil war tears the country apart. Finally after a great battle on the plains outside the capital city of Taliesin the rebellion ends with the surrender of Alston. To promote peace and kindness Avery does not exile or execute Alston he instead pardons him and the rebellious kings who had allied themselves with Alston to achieve independence, and even making Alston a member of the Authority Council to help with the day to day running of the kingdoms.
- 1972 — Triplets are born to King Avery and Queen Aurora of the Eight Kingdoms. Days later as the celebrations continue for the birth of the heirs to the throne, the King is murdered and the children disappear. In the following days Alston proclaims himself King.
- 1972 — Two of the triplets escape to the human realm with their guardians and are placed in human care being adopted by human families. The third was killed by Alston but her body hidden to make it seem as if all the royal children had disappeared.
- 1972-2014 — rebellions, famines, revolutions and perpetual war tear apart Aeterna the former shinning sanctuary of the Fae was nothing but a tarnished image of its former self. As well in the human world the Desrosier human company Des Global now run by Alston moves into weapons and with the end of the cold war a number of nuclear weapons in Des Global care go missing. (many wealthy Faeries own human businesses giving them power in both realms, the Desrosiers are billionaires with Des Global using a small island just next to Aeterna but within the human realm as their company headquarters.
- 1989 — One of the missing royal children is located by Alston in the human realm, he discovers the child now seventeen years old in Maine, USA. Upon locating his niece he kills her, her adoptive family and her guardians making it seem like a house fire to the human authorities.
- 1995 — Drake the only surviving missing child marries.
- 1996 — Twins are born to Drake named Odin and Odette.
- 2002 — Alston discovers Drake and his family in Virginia USA, and sets out to kill them, on the sixth birthday of the twins he kills Drake, his wife and Odin in a car crash the existence of Odette remains secret to him.
- 2013 — Odette is told on her seventeenth birthday about her heritage and that she can be the only one to save Aeterna from total destruction.
Start of the Novel:

The Construct

Whew. That is looong! Certainly well detailed. I don't see anything wrong with it and I think it has a good bit of potential. It will make a great book(s) if done well (which can be said about a lot of things, but still). I like how long the history is, really gives it depth. Good luck! :)


Well, you certainly fleshed out those three wars. Good job! The history looks nice and detailed so the world should craft itself now. Good luck!


I have to agree with the other posters here. This is very impressive. I like the fact that the Fae are actually extraterrestrial beings. Keep up the great work!