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My Magic System, the Breath - thoughts?

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Geldor, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Eastwatcher

    Eastwatcher Dreamer

    I really like the idea, both the conflict between the person battling with this inner 'demon' that has granted them strength and the battle of morality between do the ends justify the means. Someone has probably already said this (I only skimmed all the other posts), but it would be awesome to see one of the inner creatures slowly taking control of their host by making them commit worse and worse acts for 'the greater good' until what the inner creature has warped the host's sense of right and wrong enough that the host does the creature's bidding while all the time thinking it to be their own choices.You could also do it so that the inner creature convinces the host commit worse and worse acts in small steps until one day the inner creature shines a light on all the horrors the host has done, breaking their sanity and allowing the creature to take charge. Sorry if these have already been mentioned by someone else in the thread. It's a really good idea and gives you a lot of room to play with human nature and morality.

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