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my most incredible dream


i was eight and i dreamed of running and as i run i start jumping a little bit higher each time until i am now flying. i am controling my height and directions with my will and i fly past forests and cities and watr i dont really remember now just that it was very realistic. what i remember thought is the feeling of weightlessness and freedom. but what makes this dream very special to me is what happened when i woke up.
my bed at the time was 10 feet feet away from the door ( i had a big bedroom) and as i left my bed to reach the door, i couldnt feel my legs touching the floor and like in my dream i felt weightless. it was as if i was floating. i was actually walking but could not feel my weight making contact with hardwood floor or my feet didnot send me usual feedback on the texture of the floor. the magic stopped the moment my steps stopped for me to open the door and then gravity rushed back and so did my touching sens.
to this day 17 years later i still remember how it felt to be weightless.