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need help with making an original story in a fanfiction


I'm writing a fanfiction at the moment and i'm stuck on how i could include my own plot and ideas into a world with an already existing plot and storyline. In the fanfic i'm writing it starts off at the beginning of the manga and i plan to add in a character i created into the original plot. How do i mix in my original character into the timeline? I plan on having one of the main characters of the manga a possible love interest for my original character. I also plan to add in a side character/love interest in the future but i'm not sure how to make him "fit in" with the mangas storyline without it seeming out of place and random. so far i've managed to create my original characters backstory and how her past relates to her personality when the manga starts and her connection with my other original character who is also the second love interest.

side question, opinions on x reader fanfiction? can adding romance/drama to dark fantasy and occult fiction work well?


Ah, ok! I haven't read Black Butler at all, but the cool thing about fan fic is it doesn't really need to follow the original plot. I like to think of fan fic as a writer's playground. You get to have all the fun of writing without doing any of the hard worldbuilding work. The world is already built for you, which allows you to make your own plot out of it. So, my advice is: the more you can stray away from the original plot, the more your fan fic will stand out amongst many. Maybe that's not what you came here to be told, but you might be overthinking it? Just write. Have fun. :)


I've written a number of fanfics. There's a couple different major types of fanfics out there...my first question is how much do you want to be canon compliant? And how much do you want to focus on the main characters/world?

Let's take Star Wars as an example since most people are familiar with that. You could have your original character (OC) going on their own adventures fighting the First Order. They might get orders from Leia or Poe, they may spend some downtime with Rey, they may survive a battle against Kylo Ren. All the canon stuff is still happening but over there, we're focusing on OC and their adventures and seeing a new side of the story and the universe.

You said you want to have your OC be a love interest of a major character. That's fine! You're going to have some canon divergence. That happens all the time. There's going to be people who aren't going to like that, but as long as you tag your fic properly, they won't even read it so you won't get any mean comments. Same thing with reader x whatever. I'm not a fan of them, but I'm not a fan of first/second person stories in general. I just don't read fanfics like that but I don't think less of people who do (or who write them). Fanfics are about writing stuff that's fun and you want to read or write. I wrote a lot of fanfics that amounted to "this has a target audience of me and maybe 1 of my friends" but lots of other people liked them! And it helped me learn a lot about writing and my own writing process, which was the most valuable thing. Don't worry so much about what others want, you're not doing this or money.