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I figured out my last topic! Just need help with the battle royal tournament that will take place

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by WonderingSword5, Oct 25, 2021.

  1. WonderingSword5

    WonderingSword5 Troubadour

    This beginning tournament takes place when the MC is an adult, which mixes realism, cybernetics and supernatural magic. Before this ultimate tournament can begin, thousands of fighters across the globe have been selected or invited to enter this no holds death match competition, which starts out as a free for all battle royal. 60 fighters, including the MC will remain as the survivors, which then the official tournament and brackets will begin with fighters being split into teams of four. So it would begin with 15 teams total.

    My question is since this will involve martial art fighters, cybernetics and magic, what kind of fighters would make best sense as the ones who get defeated in the free for all royal brawl? Considering this takes place in the near future, would just a couple of black belt karate, kung fu and tkd experts fit into a full contact death brawl/tournament? Or just a bunch of pro boxers, kickboxers, mma fighters? Soldiers, swat cops, gunslingers, mutants, made up cult fighting groups and augmented fighters?
    I ask because I'm not too sure if karate black belts, kung fu experts and taekwondo champions would be enough to hold their own in full out no hold deadly brawl/death against the supernatural, the cybernetics, gunslingers, mutants, etc :(
  2. Orc Knight

    Orc Knight Auror

    The big question is this: What weaponry is allowed in it?

    If someone has a gun or highly offensive magic (lightning and fire and sub zero) then how do the basic fighters get by? Or mutants with laser eyes and such. Do they want to balance the competition? Or do they want it so unbalanced until it evens out between the better fighters? Or are these people so badass normal they can withstand this sort of fight and walk away with things like broken bones and shrug off face blasting explosions and bullets?
  3. WonderingSword5

    WonderingSword5 Troubadour

    Pretty much anything from weapons, such as swords, knives, anything used for melee combat. Guns and any sort of firearms. The point would be to show how even humans that are well trained, monsters, mutants and cyborgs will always have the edge. Unless there are certain human fighters who happen to have some type of power or skills beyond human abilities.
  4. Prince of Spires

    Prince of Spires Archmage

    Weapons drastically change the equation. The person most profficient with the best weapon has the biggest chance of winning.

    As for hand to hand combat, most martial arts are actually not that great at all at real "no rules" combat. There's a few exception, like krav maga and perhaps cage fighting, which are no-rules as realistic as possible martial arts. But the others not so much. Of course, a black belt karate player and the like has an edge in terms of reflexes and strength over non-trained people. But because of all the rules about what is and isn't allowed they tend to lose against an equally skilled and strong opponent who doesn't follow the rules.

    In that sense, the people who most play by their rules are most likely to lose. If you expect your opponent to use the same kung-fu framework and he simply pulls out a gun and shoots you then you lose. Overconfidence in such a situation is deadly.
  5. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    Ah I see you are using the Indiana Jones defence...
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  6. WonderingSword5

    WonderingSword5 Troubadour

    This is exactly how I feel. In order for this to be more plausible and have good logic, (Save for maybe krav maga, cqc, military combatives and cage fighters), the other traditional forms like kung fu, tai chi and karate practitioners won't stand much a chance, especially when it's a no hold kill battle royal with monsters, cyborgs and mutants in the mix. Even the traditional artists would have a difficult time against the cage fighters, melee fighters and the cqc combat fighters realistically, because they don't train the same way with the full contact/no holds rules, which gives those other full contact fighters a higher chance at winning even against those traditional competitors who use more rules in their competitions.
    I want this to be somewhat realistic and more believable in terms of logic, so if this competition was to attract some of the best fighters from around the world to compete in a no holds death battle royal where any means of killing or knockouts is allowed, includes hand to hand skills, weapons, with the sponsor throwing monsters and cyborgs into the mix. What type of human fighters would be open to joining and invited to join this competition?
  7. WonderingSword5

    WonderingSword5 Troubadour

    I agree with this. Not only would full contact combat fighters have the edge against kung fu practitioners rule settings, but even firearm users would simply just shoot them dead, like how Indiana Jones shot that guy trying to show off his flashy skills to attack him.

    So if this was to gather the best human fighters around the world, should they all be from magic factions that can shoot magic? Super enhanced cage fighters? Highly melee skilled fighters and skilled marksman gun fu experts? :(

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