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Discussion in 'Ask the Staff' started by The Blue Lotus, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. The Blue Lotus

    The Blue Lotus Auror

    I don't know if anyone else is having the same problems as I am, but I have to refresh after every post or it hangs up and new posts don't show.

    It was working fine the other day, so I don't know what's up. I tried switching to Chrome from IE and that did not help, so I installed Fire Fox, that worked, but I really hate FF. Any ideas as to what's up?

    Sorry and thanks,
  2. Lace

    Lace Troubadour

    I have chrome and haven't had any issues. Have you tried deleting your cookies/clearing your cache? Our IT department always tell us to turn it off and turn it back on, I don't see how that would help but, hey it's worth a shot. So weird. :/
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  3. Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Staff Administrator

    I tweaked the server settings yesterday evening. If the previous server data is still in your cache, that will cause the issue that you are referring to.

    The fix is to log off of Mythic Scribes, clear your browser's cache, and log back on. That should solve the problem.
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