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Nonce Error

I am new to Mythic Scribes and I was trying to leave a comment on an article and received a "nonce is invalid" error.

In addition I was trying to add information to my profile page and can't find any way to edit it.

I apologize if these problems are of my own making I am new fo the use of forums and perhaps am guilty of ignorance. So pleas be gentle. LOL

I appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Joella Molson
I stopped trying to comment on the article on the home page. Instead I commented on it from within the forum. And bam, my comment went through. Just groping around in the dark, finding my way, occasionally becoming hopelessly lost. Then suddenly and totally by accident I stumble into the light. Life is an adventure.
Well I do feel at least a little proud of myself for getting around so well on my own. I think I shall cancel my order for an online seeing eye dog. I might be relevant after all.