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One of the longest and weirdest dreams I've ever had

This is going to be a very long post.
I dreamed that I was reading a book by Neil Gaiman, that had a short, one word title starting with an M or an N, possibly in some other language. The book started with a first person account by someone [undeniably male], but it's hard to describe what the account was like [I could see the letters on the page, but also get a sense of what the man was like]. He seemed utterly convinced of something about his house, and seemed not quite mad but not quite sane. He was writing the book almost as a sort of 'doomed survivor's log', and in this way, began at both the beginning and end of the dream. The writing was so clear that I could see what was happening, except that I was in the book somehow as well.
I was in front of a large, mansion-like, two storey house that was painted completely white [white seems to be an important part of the dream]. My cat got away from me and ran inside, but another, older, more orange-y cat appeared out of nowhere and followed her in. Naturally I went in after them. I arrived in a sitting area that was perfectly circular despite the square-ness of the house on the outside, and the area looped around a pillar in the centre. It was crammed with rich-looking people dressed in black and white as if for a funeral or a wedding. They were all drinking alcohol. No one noticed me. There had been no cars of any kind at the outside of the house. It was little things like that that kept happening in this vaguely disturbing way.
Suddenly this man dressed in blue grey, like a prison outfit, burst into the room, screaming and yelling like a madman. He had a full, tangled brown beard and similarly affixed hair. There was no doubt that this was the man narrating at the beginning of the book, but it was obviously before he had started writing it. It could be that the house itself was keeping him prisoner upstairs somewhere.
The people spontaneously vanished, but it seemed like someone had phoned for a doctor, for a portly, bald man with a bowler hat and black suit arrived. By then, the man had apparently shaved and cut his hair. He tried to explain the situation to the doctor. There was a sense that the house itself had a rather ambiguous morality.
A young blonde boy in a black suit and a young woman in a wedding dress had apparently been left behind, and joined the discussion.
Meanwhile, I was suddenly upstairs, and found my cat, but she wasn't a cat anymore. She had turned into a plant with enormous, white heart-shaped petals forming a cat face, and even had a vine for a tail. That only added to the disturbing quality of the dream. The other cat was nowhere to be seen, and I got the impression that he was further inside the house. I picked up the plant and she turned into a cat again. She even let me carry her, which otherwise she doesn't like anyone to pick her up.
Meanwhile, everyone else had evidently tried to leave in the doctor's old, beat-up teal-coloured car, but the car drove in circles [literally] around the bright green, sunny backyard, chased by something I could never see. The doctor spontaneously had a gun, and shot at whatever it was repeatedly, but to no effect. Everyone in the car was sort of half hanging out of the backseat, as the back of the car had been ripped off, yet the car kept going despite the fact all four, the doctor, the man, the boy, and the young woman, were all facing the other way and none of them were driving. Suddenly there was a crocodile-like thing on the lawn, reminiscent of the Shrieking Eels from the Princess Bride movie.
Things get a bit muddy, as dreams often do. The dream cuts back to me reading the book with the man describing how flat, knitted monkeys made of brightly coloured wool and moving eyes appeared all over the house, as if tormenting him. From a distance, they would have looked cute, but up close they just looked really creepy.
The dream then cut back, with the man and woman apparently falling in love in an instant [the way things often are in dreams, with events happening instantaneously], but the woman turned into a white heart-shaped petal plant and blew away in the breeze.
The doctor, the boy, and me and the cats apparently escaped out the front door [as if the house was letting us go!], but the man had to stay [or thought he had to stay, or the house was making him stay, or some combination thereof]. He seemed either immune to turning into the white petalled plant, or had amazing willpower to fight it for so long.
The dream ended with him upstairs [locked?] in a room, beginning and ending the book.

A collection of emojis with describe my reaction to all of this: o_Oo_O:eek::eek::peeking:?!


Queen of Titania
Hello Crystalline!

Thanks for sharing that dream with us, it was quite an adventure. Very few of my dreams have been comparable to that, and even though I love them sadly it does not happen often to me. I particularly like that it all started with you reading a Fantasy book, and then all of a sudden you were transported to that world.

A magical house where all sorts of strange things happen, very nice =)

What were the surroundings of that house like, apart of the backyard? Did you see perhaps trees, other houses in the distance, a street, a town or a forest? Was the sky always sunny and bright? What level of detail could you see inside of that place?

The dream is certainly eerie and mysterious, like you should not have ever visited that house.

If your dream was a Fantasy book I would definitely want to read it! You should start to write it down as a story, there is certainly potential in this even though it's a little disturbing indeed. I think it has some Alice in Wonderland energy to it, or at least some of the elements that you have described are similar to those seen in Lewis Carroll's stories.

Did you have anything unusual for dinner the night when this dream came to you?
The surroundings? Hmm...There seemed to be none, come to think of it. Yet another slightly 'off' thing about the house--there were no other houses or trees, or anything nearby, like it was literally in the middle of nowhere. The sky, oddly, was always sunny and bright, and had barely any clouds. As of detail inside, there wasn't much of that, either--barely any furniture, and simple white and brown walls.

As far as I know, I didn't have anything unusual for supper. Oh, wait, I did: fried tofu with taco seasoning.