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Power scaling and its affect on the world

Discussion in 'World Building' started by bluephoenix, Nov 23, 2018.

  1. bluephoenix

    bluephoenix New Member

    Imagine a world were god-like figures and extremely powerful people exist how would they affect the world. The powerful people range from being able to easily take on 50 men to wiping out entire armies like walking nukes.
    How would this change the way wars are waged or battles are fought? What would be the factors used to make predict who would win a battle? Since your army of 50000 men could easily to an army of a 100 men because they have one or more of those walking nukes.
    Would people avoid all conflict with others? Because they might accidentally pick a fight with a man who can defeat 300 attackers.
    Would feats of power such as blowing up a hill be seen as mundane? Since people can blow up mountains and cities.

    How would the power scaling affect every aspect of the world? for example law enforcement, polices, geography, religion economy
  2. Orc Knight

    Orc Knight Auror

    So, welcome to my world of Eld with that question. Everything from walking nukes (only two, but it's plenty) to at least one person with the title Mountain Breaker and where maps are hard to keep up with because coastlines and mountains change around.

    Not sure people would avoid conflicts and such, after all, the nuke can only (generally) be in one place at a time. Then there are proxy battles where they don't have to be anywhere near it. Eld does balance it out for every one such as the afore mentioned Mountain Breaker is a Shield Wall who can counter them. The mundanes might not want to get involved, but still end up in it no matter what they want. And the sorts who can do that generally get known, whether they want to or not. It becomes a game of letting the big league champions duking it out for large gains on the field while the soldiers stuck in the mud try to make little gains and bleed each other out.

    And then somewhere, someone else is going to figure out how to match those in some way shape or form. Like bringing actual nukes or magical mecha suits or other such things. Or just a swarm of rats with guns that shoot radioactive bullets. Or maybe a demon. It's not likely to stop small scale war or raiding. It will however probably lead to those with the power sitting at the top of the heap and only going into battle when it is important enough to them and becoming the champions or chosen of their select group.

    As for the rest, depends on what the super powered being decides to meddle in. Though geography is going to take a bit of a hit from time to time. Hope they have enough arable farmland when it does.

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