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Random Title Generator....

Discussion in 'Writing Resources' started by servenvolley212, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. The Construct

    The Construct Minstrel

    Some of the best ones I got:
    Gold is Golden (Yes. Yes it is.)
    Hang Hitler (As it turns out: Hitler's alive! Having been in suspended animation/traveled through time, we've got to figure out what we're going to do with him.)
    With a Place with a Space (I'm not sure. But it sounds good.)
    Killed Gods (Not just dead gods. Killed gods.)
    The Damned Equation (aka. Me doing my maths homework.)
    From the Age of the Variable Moon (This just sounds cool. Think about it for a sec and see what you make of it.)
    A Shadow of Goblins (Dark things come, lurking from their lairs, to take you away to who knows where.)
    The Paladins From the Shadow (Not all heroes are good. Not all darkness is evil.)
    A Sun of Awakening (Dawn breaks. Something is new. Is this a philosophical awakening, or a literal one?)
    A Cosmic Soul On Science (An eldritch entity weighs in its opinion on modern theories.)
    A Priestess of Trade (Capitalism becomes/is a religion! What would that be like?)
    The Desert's Jailer (Widespread desertification is kept at bay by a wizard.)
    A Flame of Stars (Harnessing the power of the stars themselves. Who knows what we may achieve.)
    Daughter of Guest (Sounds like a placeholder name, like on a script. Nameless extra is unexpectedly given a bigger part.)
    Velvet Fox (The velveteen rabbit better run!)
    The Hitler that Seduced the Peter Pan (The weirdest fan-fic EVER.)
    Six Men of Darkness (Six demons come to earth and assume human form for whatever reason. Good title.)
    Evolution Forgot (It seems evolution missed something. Let's hope it's not too critical.)
    Under the Undead Death (This isn't just any death. This is undead death.)
    A(The) Men of Nowhere (Travelers, wanderers, nomads. Without land, without a nation, without a home. They are men of nowhere.)
    The Paradox Wind (Someone causes some time-space trouble and now things are getting pretty screwy.)
    Beyond the Imaginary (Like something out of Lovecraft. Strange things that couldn't be imagined. And so became real.)
    Imaginary Was the Revolution (A cool line, rather than a title. The new leaders are just as bad as the old ones were.)
    Children Dragged the Monster (The tables have turned!)
    The Shattered Doctor (Oh dear, it seems the Doctor's having some problems.)
    Accusing Plant (Don't know who to blame? Bring out the accusing plant! Won't tell you who did it, but you can still blame them.)
    Song of Ether (This one's just nice. Sounds cool.)
    For the Monster-God of the Last Song (Strange. Interesting. Cool.)
    The Childhood of the Second Ring (The One Ring's baby brother. Let's hope evil doesn't run in the family.)
    Hare's Gambit (The hare's pissed the tortoise hustled him. Now he's back with a vengeance.)
    The Hideous Science (It's ALIVE! ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!)
    The Dream Edge (Another one that's simply nice. Lots of potential.)

    A couple really long and weirdly eclectic ones:
    Web of the Special Nomadic Sherlock Holmes
    The Alexander the Great of the Weaving Flapping Wolf
    The Childhood of the Steam-Powered Consuming Punch

    Another command, a lot more sinister than the last:
    Die Human
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  2. evanator66

    evanator66 Minstrel

    I tried it out, and this is what I got:
    The Soldiers of the Six Lost Letters
    Under a We with a Reckless
    Time's Bloodline
    The Riders of the Black Floor
    The Hare the Tombstone Seduced

    Utterly hilarious.
  3. Shreddies

    Shreddies Troubadour

    Maybe it's about someone trying to help out all those princes' that were cursed by a wicked witch that didn't know the difference between frogs and toads?

    Sounds like a fan fic retelling of Majora's Mask. :D

    I rolled a few more and here's what stood out:

    Chicago's Wind
    Seduced by Terror - (Horror novel or silly alien story?)
    We Went Through Time - (Simple, straight forward, to the point)
    Pirate Opportunity
    The Dawn of the Whispering Things - (Definitely a horror novel)
    The Affair of Grisly Gateway
    The Accidental Unfaithful Gun - (A cursed gun that 'accidentally' kills its owners?)
    The River that Would Not Run - (Does that mean it oozes instead? :D )
    Dark Dead Without Atomic Heroes - (Comic book!)
    He is Quantum - (Another one)
    The Damned Strange Cold - (This one made me laugh)
    The Scream's Home
    Owned People
    The Steam-Powered Grey Dragon - (Building a giant steam powered dragon to fight other dragons! Epic!)
    Forgetting the Crows
    Boudica in New Beast - (Starring: Boudica!)
    Killed by Aladdin - (Arabian Nights gone wrong)
    Odin Under Aztec Highway - (Fantasy kitchen sink!)
    Marquis de Sade's Vengeance - (Sequel to: 'The Plan From the Marquis de Sade' mentioned earlier)
    A Crypt of Wax - (Horror in a wax museum!)
    Laughing Cthulhu - (Lovecraft jokes!)
    The Next Atomic Madness - (Lead up to a post apocalyptic story?)
    Bloodline's Adventure - (An adventure spanning several generations?)
    The Vampiric Evolution
    Unseen March of Wrath
    The Forty Dead Birds
    Survivors (and) Soldiers
    The Farmhouse is Atomic - (You'd think they'd settle for solar panels)
    Cold Options
    The Consuming Atomic Daylight - (Wow, ground zero for a nuke?)
    Beyond the Big Sea
    The Witch's Rules - (Straight-up fairytale. Sweet!)
    The Dragon Birthday Present - (Children's story of a little girl looking for a dragon to give to her sibling?)
    Beyond the Strange Mirror
    The Vampire that Borrowed the Window - (Wonder what he used it for)
    The Mad Poor People

    Houdini's Hyborian - (Conan! Master of escape!)
    Cloven Hoof Hyborian - (Conan! The Minotaur!)
    The Eternal Hyborian

    Killing Jenny Everywhere - (A murder is being plotted!)
    Destroying Jenny Everywhere - (They're getting desperate)
    The Magic of Jenny Everywhere - (Sounds like they failed to destroy her :D )

    For the Party - (Political thriller?)
    The Party that Must Not Run
    The Party Rules - (Or maybe: The Party's Rules)

    The Ticket of the Automatic Weirds - (Makes me wonder who, or what, these 'Weirds' are and why they're automatic)
    Radiant Weirds
    The Doctor of the Weirds
    For the Weirds - (It's turning into a long series :) )

    I'm surprised at how many of these actually sound like books I'd like to read.

    Edit: Just a few extra that made me laugh.
    Hollywood is Undead
    Drapes For Tragic Wrath - (Drapes of Wrath!!)
    Into The We - (I first read it as 'Wee')
    The Edible Gods - (All hail the CHOCOLATE BUNNY!)
    The Zombie of Undead Lady MacBeth
    The Captain Hook of the Damned Hideous Birthday Present
    The Hideous Gray Farm House - (It can't be that bad, can it?)
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  4. The Blue Lotus

    The Blue Lotus Auror

    1) Good point.

    2) That made me laugh until I had a rib cramp!

    Edit: I took my meds and this sounded like a good idea for a challenge. "Killed by Aladdin - (Arabian Nights gone wrong)" It could just be the meds talking, but that's a challenge I'd love to do!
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  5. Michael J. Tobias

    Michael J. Tobias Scribe

    Satan Was the Rabbit

    I'm just gonna leave that there. Monty Python jokes, commence.
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  6. Shreddies

    Shreddies Troubadour

    Hah! That explains a lot, actually. :D

    How about:
    The Drapes Without the Silent Options
    The Corpse of The Ultimate Eternal Gentleman
    The Whispering Copper Women - Sounds like someone's pennies are talking to him.

    Or my favorite this time around:
    An Edible Plan On Thieves
  7. Rinzei

    Rinzei Troubadour

    Now we just need something about Wind, and we have a trilogy on the go!

    Ah, see, I would have put that in reverse! Jenny is magic, all is well - okay, now someone is out to destroy Jenny - finally, MURDER OF JENNY. Geeze, what did Jenny do to piss someone off so much?
  8. stephenspower

    stephenspower Inkling

    The Accidental Tower

    The Grave Opportunity

    The Sea of Fallen Space

    Freakin' gold, these titles.
  9. AnneL

    AnneL Closed Account

    Huckleberry Finn Hung the Guest
    The Gunsmoke and the Opportunity
    The Labyrinth of Eternal Drapes
  10. I decided to give the generator a try.

    1) Cupid Angelo: Name Meaning - Angel Angel. Okay then.

    2) Embraced By Exile: Oh! This one's pretty good! Into to my title collecting book it goes :)

    3) At the My Power: Get rid of "the" and this one is golden!

    4) Horde, Go: I really don't get what's with this type of title the generator produces.

    5) ForceMarch: ....

    My Conclusion: This generator isn't bad. I got a couple of good titles from it that I liked. But most other ones just stunk. Fought to Fight? Redundant much? Him in the Skunk? No comment.
  11. stephenspower

    stephenspower Inkling

    I'm working on my third story inspired by this generator, "Automatic Sky," having already written "The Accidental Tower" and "The Mirror Cracks" (originally "The Mirror Crows).
  12. stephenspower

    stephenspower Inkling

    And look at that: "The Accidental Tower" was picked up by 365 Tomorrows. Link in my signature, if anyone's interested.
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  13. nlough

    nlough Troubadour

    "The Atlantis that Shall Save Moon"

    This one is just too perfect. Atlantis saves the moon and that's why they sunk to the bottom of the sea. I guess they didn't know the moon controls the tide. Of course add a "the" between "save" and "moon"
  14. Shreddies

    Shreddies Troubadour

    Rolled for a few more. These are the ones that made the most sense:

    Treasures and Doors
    Folk Stars
    Mars' Devil
    Crossing the Lord
    Fighting the Gentleman
    Emperor and Faerie
    The Yellow Thieves (Maybe they steal the color yellow? :D )
    Borrowed Night
    Day of Sorcery
    A Cup of Revolution (A cookbook sparks a revolution? Stranger things have happened.)

    Some of them didn't turn out too bad, actually.
  15. Gryphos

    Gryphos Auror

    I managed to get some interesting ones.

    The Stars that would not Embrace Murder
    Man, Steal
    The Valley of Princess Metronome (I actually really like this one)
    The Men with the Clockwork Kitchen
    Murdering Peter Pan (I don't think the Stars would stand for that)
    Corpse, Laugh
    Dog of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Hounds?)
    The Girl Girl (As opposed to the Boy Girl)
    A Damned Eternity Without Goblins (I know right! Where the hell are the goblins?)
    Be Tsan-lo (Who the **** is Tsan-lo and why should I be him?)
    Apocalypse and Da Vinci (wtf have you gone done now Da Vinci?)
    The Dog that Could Fight Rabbit (That's not an achievement)
    The Silver Quantum Pirate
    The Eternal Accidental Names (Is it just me or is this slightly ironic?)
    The Riders of the Ash (Another one I actually like)
    The Steam-powered Nomadic Kitchen (From the makers of 'The Men with the Clockwork Kitchen'...)
    The Tartarus Without the Black Scientist (Did he pull out because he knew he was gonna die first?)
    Without the Violet Sea
    The Fox that Could Forget
    The Atlantis Woman

    I am actually seriously tempted to write 'The Valley of Princess Metronome'. I can already imagine something really surreal.
  16. Lvl20wizard

    Lvl20wizard Sage

    A Challenge with this would be really cool! This had me laugh: "The Bus of Odin".
  17. Mythopoet

    Mythopoet Auror

    Oh, this is too fun.

    I'm torn between The Strange Steel Alexander the Great and Alexander the Great Fights Worm. ;)

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