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Random Title Generator....


I think maybe I played with this for too long.
I found a lot of good ones!
Feel free to use these or parts of these..
I might take them though.
Just saying.

Having The Slab
Empire Borrowed
Undead Hours
From Madness Comes Fear
From The Dream
A Cup of Hand
Into the North
Forgetting the Murder
Came to Hang
Trade Killed
Sun's Legacy
Chained to Own
Came by Wolf
Cold Life Of Terror
Speaking of The Paradox
Kill Gentleman
Into the Window
The Party Jars
Things Fall
Imaginary Drapes
Wolves Tower
The Flower Age
Tricked Song
Exile in the South
Murdering the Moon
The Shadows and The Scream
The Dancing Queen
The Madness of The Silver Circus
Crystal Goblet
Tiger Inheritance
The Boy and The Bishop


Under the black bus... Nah, that's just really morbid.

Not necessarily, could be about a post-apocalyptic story about a kid that has lived in the sewers his whole life, just beneath a bus depot for decommissioned buses and simply looks up at the bus and wonders what life above ground would have been like. :p

I've been struggling with a title for my current WIP - and hey presto on my twentieth or so click I got "The Doom That Embraced the Paladins." It's almost workable!

Cheers, Greg.

The Construct

Some of these are really inspiring!
The Mars the Men Chased (Sci-fi stuff about going to Mars?)
The Memory that Shall Own Life (This one just sounds cool and maybe kinda eldritch)
Claim of Ash (High fantasy, "heir to the throne" sort of deal)
Manhattan With (a) Muddy Highway (This one seems more like a dramatic story)
After the Flame (Self-explanatory. Something's gone up in flames and the chars must deal with the aftermath)
A Silver Kitchen Above Space (Culinary Heaven!)
On the Dragons (High fantasy about dragon-riders)
The Fire the Devil Owned (Some evil stuff going down)
Tartarus Room (Makes me think of sci-fi, not sure why)
The Reaper that Must Not Hang (Why not?! The question just cries out to be answered!)
Forgetting the Revolution (Why is the revolution being forgotten? Why can't it be?)
The Stranger that Shall Not Be (Existential Weirdness)
The Tale of (a/the?) Iron Angel (Sci-fi/Steampunk, Robotic angels (maybe a superhero), what's not to like?)
The House Under the Ash (Is the house burned down, or is there literally another house under there? Both?)
Odin is Aztec (Combine the Norse and Aztec pantheons! Inspired!)
The Fox that Could Not Go (Sounds like a fairytale!)
Bloodstained Intentions (Someone's out for blood! Great analogy for murderousness)

This one seems more like a command than a title:
Laugh Human (And I did)

EDIT: This is so addictive! Here's a couple more I liked:
Hitler Bites (Hitler's a vampire/werewolf!)
The We and the Future (Kinda poetic. Cool sci-fi)
Laughed Imaginary (Laughing at something so it stops existing? Crazy!)
The Thieves's Exile (High fantasy. Some thieves. In exile)
The Steam that Tricked the City (Intelligent steam? Steampunk? Imagine)
The Voice of the Secret Hate (Being of pure anger is talking. Psychological fantasy, maybe?)
Built Children (ROBOTS!)
The Valley of (the) Nomadic Tree(s) (ENTS!)
The Voice Above the Forever Sea ("Is that you, God?")

Now I better close it before I do more!
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This is brilliant, but strangely compulsive: I'll just have one more go... :smile: Best ones were:
Dreams of Revenge
Dogs in the Flower
The Quantum Monster-God
Haunted in the Sherlock Holmes
Heaven into Midnight Agoroman
The Manor of Frozen Claim
Circus Goblins
Mad Bones Under Manhattan


Here go my finds:

The Watcher and the Dance (something about a cold, gritty veteran developing a paternal bond to a young dancer)
Tricked by science (mad scientist thinks he's working on a time machine, finds out it's a trans-dimensional transporter instead, gets lost, hilarity ensues)
Zamboula saw the aliens
Beyond the corpse (something something looking for the meaning of life as a dead spirit)

This is fun.


Some that made me LOL:

Equation Forgot the Gunfighter (No nonsense cowboy vs diabolical scientists)
The Shadow of the Flapping Forever Departed (A sappy goth romance)
The Labyrinth For the Grisly Children (a horror story with moral lessons?)
Murdered by Edge (mystery thriller: death by papercut)
Grave Died (zombies?)
The Peter Pan the Cinderella Changed (man-child made responsible)
Invisible Skunk (fail Superhero, or mutant skunk?)
The Watcher of the Dead-Alive Protest (more zombies!)
Certainly gave a few laughs:

"Drag Satan"
"At The Wind of the Consuming Napoleon" - pretty sure this will have been a comedy sketch at some point
"The Moonlit Dancing Doctor Jeckyll"
"A Mistletoe of Sherlock Holmes"

However, the last one does suggest an interesting plot.


"The Alexander the Great that Chained the Feet" wtf

"The Human Gunfighter" as opposed to?

"My Detective, My Apocalypse" stubborn, I see

"Greek Cthulhu" that I actually wanna see

"The Ghost that Fought the Devil" sounds like a bad action film


Here are some titles that I think are pretty cool:

The Cold Secret Path

The Doom the Heroes Tricked

The Soul Into the Faerie

Brother Owns Thunder

Dragons Seduced

The Unrequited Stars

Dome of Ash

The Voice and the Brother

Golden Blight of Beasts

Paradox's Darkness

The Fae Moonlight

The Quantum Crows

Time Beyond Third Tiger

House in Closing Edge
"Consuming Bullet of Demon" strikes me as a good anime title.

"Peter Pan Came" hah.

"Silent Carnival, Silent Girl" I really like this one.


Some titles that stood out for me after (a few) dozen tries:

WattPain (sounds like an attempt at a bad pun)
Vengeance with a Tree (Nature strikes back!)
Into the Clockwork Reaper (Not bad, actually)
The Hare's Cemetery
Changed by Equation
Sea's Hymn
Third March, Third Protest
Borrowed Neighbors
The Gods that Borrowed the Gun (gods vs gods in a spaghetti western!)
Link, Speak (I laughed so hard at this one)
Drapes Speaks Doom
Shattered Idol of Intention
A Monster of Fear
The Invisible Guest (Sounds like a story told from the perspective of a beggar everyone ignores)
Built to Lie (A story about a conman?)
Suicide of Nails (the sudden death of laborers spells doom for an empire!)
The Blog that Could Lie (A blog that is cursed so everyone believe's it, no matter how ludicrous its claims are)
Patch's Thing (Sounds like a precious thing owned by a simple creature)
Urban Jars
Die Boy (Sounds like a super-hero whose powers revolve around D&D)
The Neighbors that Must Forget (What did they see!?)
Cthulhu Forgot the Patch (An eldritch abomination tries his hand (tentacle) at game development!)
The Brother the Priestess Rode (good lord, it sounds like a horrible harlequin romance novel)
Last Childhood, Last Casket
The Orchid Law (Spy thriller?)
The Men the Asylum Chased
Murdering the Fish
Hollywood's Prey
Kill Lady MacBeth

and finally two separate titles, but I was laughing in tears when I saw them pop up:
Mistletoe is Automatic and The Woman is Hairy

This is fun! :D
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well i got
"The Mountain of Frozen Dragon"
so iguess every once and a while there will be some good names


I just saw this again and generated some new ones which I liked:

The Gods that Trick Trees
The Death in the Graveyard
Madness is Eternal
After the Time of the Cosmic Moon
The Mirror that Could Be
Murder Guest
Demon Screams Rabbit
The Gothic Room
Owned by Voice
The Big Bad Wolf that Would Not Run
Nowhere is Final
Owned Prey
Second Opportunity
The Detective that Fought the Reaper

EDIT: After reading Shreddie's "Link, Speak" one, I got "Mask and Link" - coincidence??
The Plan From the Marquis de Sade

The Plan of the Secret Steam-Powered Mystery

The Manuscript that Must Not Dream

That third one, Lovecraft maybe?


The Woodcarver the Amulet Built (Awesome juxtaposition)

Hairy Priestess, Hairy Mountain (Not sure if this is funny or inappropriate)

Apocalypse is Dancing (Love this and would read it)

Mozart in Clutching Shadows (Could be a symphony or even an historical fiction)

Law and Lady MacBeth (Sounds like an odd text book)

Hitler's Atlantis (Sounds like a sequel to Iron Sky)

Died by Faerie (I like it… not sure why)

Edit: had to add this: Strange Heroes In Delicate Bites (The new Hannibal movie!)

Edit 2:

Life in Unseen Opportunity (so true)

The Reaper that Was the Silence (great magic assassin book)

... must break away... It's calling me back... I'm done, I promise... kinda

And Edit 3: Missing God, Missing Sword (totally would read this)
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"Shreddies - Some titles that stood out for me after (a few) dozen tries:"

"Sea's Hymn" -- I actually like this one, it could be a tale of Merfolk! and the God Titan... must not forget him!

"Borrowed Neighbors" -- For the Adult reader! xxx

"The Gods that Borrowed the Gun (gods vs gods in a spaghetti western!)" -- This made me giggle

"Drapes Speaks Doom" -- Err, creepy window coverings, perhaps faux horror?

"Shattered Idol of Intention" -- Love gone wrong.

"The Invisible Guest (Sounds like a story told from the perspective of a beggar everyone ignores)" -- Or a great ghost story!

"Built to Lie (A story about a conman?)" -- Why do I envision Madonna in her cone bra when I read this?

"Patch's Thing (Sounds like a precious thing owned by a simple creature)" -- Or a creature's simple precious thing.

"The Brother the Priestess Rode (good lord, it sounds like a horrible harlequin romance novel)" -- OH my!

"Murdering the Fish" -- A PETA special novella!

"Hollywood's Prey" -- A tale of gilded dreams gone bad, the lure of the silver screen on young people.

"Kill Lady MacBeth" -- College student on a rant? Apparently failed Shakespeare 101?

"and finally two separate titles, but I was laughing in tears when I saw them pop up:
Mistletoe is Automatic and The Woman is Hairy" -- SMH!

"This is fun! :D" I so agree!

I had to comment on these, they were really funny!
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Ok, I had to give it a go... HAHAHA. This is just what came up in the first few searches.

Out of the Sleepers of the Urban Stars -- An urban fantasy with pod people!

Chicago's Bridge -- An Architect's journey.

The Barsac of the Brother -- Conan's brother's tale revealed.

Had to Steal -- Biography of a Kleptomaniac.

The Vials Spawn -- Rose Mary's Baby remake, set in an in vitro clinic?

The Watcher Out of the Hieroglyph -- Imhotep returns!

Paradox Under Variable Manor -- The ghost of incorrect math problems fight for supremacy!

Gold and Nightmare -- A soon to be classic by Steven King.

The Aladdin of Amazing Abbey -- Downtown Abby Meets Ancient Persia

The Bloodstained Galvanic Men -- Set in Oz, the Tin Men war.

The Casket Madness -- A mortuary you are dying to get into!

From the Uncommon Fire -- A mages story of failure and triumph.

Cupid of Toad -- Because everyone needs some lovin'.

Detective Embraces Revenge -- Sherlock returns from the grave to slay bad PI novels everywhere.

Fighting the Captain Nemo -- Ellen DeGeneres' short story fan fic.

The Sky of Whispering Death -- I actually like this one.

The Missing Hairy Punch
The Feet of the Aristotle -- These made me laugh until I cried!
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