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Share dreams! Maybe it inspire you.

We are dreaming every night. And those can inspire us if we plan a story. Ok. Why do I tell this? Well, I want to share my dreams. Maybe you, too. Here is my last one:

Well. Last night I dreamt about a room. The shop was filled with many different things. For example, there was a huge, brown cupboard, which was filled with porcelain tea set. They were protected by glass. Those had a cheesy flower pattern. I saw also a (wine? Blood?) red fabric coat with three black buttons and a big hat. There was a carpet. It seems a little bit oriental to me. In the room there was a dresser made of dark wood. I remember the action slightly. But I know I took some yellow rubber boots. And go out into a green landscape like in cheesy romance movies. ...

Share your last one.


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In this thread we could share those dreams that were quick and not so complex, and yet they felt like the start of a story anyway. I like the concept! That kind of dreams can bring some nice inspiration, maybe not as clear as what more powerful dreams do but they are important as well.

My latest dream was too twisted, so I'll be sharing other dreams from some time ago.

This dream in particular was a nightmare, but it was also connected to a story of mine: I found myself at some part of Europe in the 14th Century, the year 1348 to be more precise. The terrible Black Death disaster was raging, and I just stumbled my way through fields, villages and towns as the calamity unfolded everywhere around me.

I ventured into some houses just to find people sick and dying, it was death, death and more death, death was everywhere... I experienced curiosity, but the fear of being exposed to the disease was very intense just like it happens in all of my Plague nightmares.

This nightmare came to me back when I was still working on a Fantasy trilogy of mine, about certain princess that lived back then and actually died in the catastrophe. And in the dream, I found her... She was hiding alone at a castle somewhere, and even though I walked into her room my princess could not see me since at this point I was just a ghost.

I could see her lavish dresses on the bed and inside of a wardrobe. The castle was all silent and lonely, and my princess was just sitting on a chair like she had no idea what to do next. She looked pale and sick, and then I knew that she was sick already...

Some pale red blood started coming from her mouth as she coughed, and then I woke up.
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Last night I dreamed that I was at some sort of super deluxe passenger plane with a group of other young adults; I got my own room, but the decor was pretty lackluster and the room was coloured grey. I was a bit sad and lonely. Then the dream suddenly shifted to some sort of battle that was going on down below, and a woman in a blue-green dress was [stabbed? she was wounded in the chest, that much I know]. She was bleeding a lot, and her lover/fiance/boyfriend whatever in a somewhat militaristic uniform arrived too late to help her. He called her Isi or Isui or something like that.


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Hello Crystalline!

I love it when dreams start to shift like that, and out of nowhere a completely new scenario is formed while you still keep track of the one before. Sometimes, both dreamscapes are connected by certain details. Other times the shifting just happens like crazy and this is very fun either way.

That lady of the blue-green dress feels intriguing, and your description of her death makes me curious about her backstory.

Another one from my old Dreams Journal:

In this dream, I found myself traveling by foot across a snowy field with trees and boulders scattered around. There were some roads, but most of the area was just wild territory. I was not quite myself, since I was taller and paler than my waking body. Also, I was traveling together with seven other people that I did not know well.

At some point, we ventured into a vast forest and then this horrible and giant creature appeared all of a sudden.

The monster was reminiscent of a Fantasy troll, but way uglier than the ones that I have seen in movies. Its ears were pointy and long, the creature seemed to possess little intelligence and it was at least thirty meters tall. The skin was gray and green. We all were terrified when this huge thing started to chase us, but we managed to trick it and after that we took refuge inside of an abandoned rock castle.

The great Troll kept trying to grab us through the windows, but eventually it decided to just sit outside on the snow and wait.

We could see the monster through the curtains of a hall, knowing that it was not leaving and now we were in danger of starving to death. Then, I discovered a staircase that descended into some unknown realm below the castle...

And that's it, I woke up! XD


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I never really recall dreams but I remember my first actual lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is when you are consciously aware that you are perceiving the dreamscape and that in reality you are sleeping snugly in your bed.

So one night I was dreaming that I was outside on a pine tree farm (a place I used to live as a child) and it was chilly and dark out. I was really nervous and afraid for no apparent reason. At one point I looked at the sky and could see the moon, but then I look back and saw these huge glowing lines that seemed to cross the entire sky and I thought to myself
“thats not possible, I must be dreaming...”
and as soon as I realized that I actually was asleep, dreaming, and creating this world within my mind, everything about the dreamscape changed. But the most amazing thing about this experience was the feelings of absolute bliss and euphoria the second (if time even exists in the dream world) I realized what was happening. I felt as though I was flying and not even gravity could pull me down. It was wonderful and I hope one day I get to experience another lucid dream.


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Hello NecroFaerie, and first of all Welcome to Mythic Scribes!

Lucid dreams are quite the experience, I have had many of those and I love them too. In my case, it's hard to enjoy them because even if I know that something that just happened is impossible my mind simply accepts it as a normal part of the dreamscape. Other times, I know that I am dreaming and anyway I do not even care to enjoy it or to try to take command of my dream worlds at all.

My suggestions for you are these:

1- Start and keep a Dreams Journal, so you can increase your dream recall abilities.
2- Perform Reality Checks often during your waking life.
3- Enhance your diet with dream-friendly foods, especially for dinner.

You can also learn and practice some WILD (wake induced lucid dream) tricks, since those have a tendency to be the most intense and wonderful Lucid Dreams that anybody can experience.

Have you ever written a story scene or even an entire story with inspiration from your dreams?
I always have like half lucid dreams, for example last night I dreamt that I was in a group of four young adults, two of whom were brother and sister. Their father owned this decked out castle that looked like if Downton Abbey was steampunk. The problem was that they were not on good terms with their father and we needed to hide from something and the only place to go was the castle. We thought he was away on a business trip so we broke in, and inside it was all modern technology. While we were trying to turn off the alarm the dad shows up. Suddenly I realize I can't open my eyes, and then I force them open, thus waking me up. This happens a lot where I realize that even though I am seeing everything perfectly my eyes are closed, sometimes I acknowledge that it's a dream and other times I force myself awake.

I often write stories based on dreams because I have such intensely weird and inspiring dreams, that even without writing them down I still remember.