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So I wrote a novel, what now?

Discussion in 'Writing Discussions' started by Zarrax, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. Zarrax

    Zarrax New Member

    Hello everyone. i have been putting this off for some time now. A few years back I asked a friend who dabbled in writing to take my idea for a fantasy novel i always wanted to read but could never find anything like it and turn it into a book, she brushed me off with a "I'm too busy." and I said "fine, I'll write it myself."

    We both had a good laugh as i opened up word document and titled it "The Good Book."

    At the time I believed I was the last person on earth who could actually write one page let alone an entire novel.

    I got sucked in and two months later I had a rough but full 140k word novel with the ideas stuck in my head for the next two in the series.

    Currently where I'm at is working on second novel while first one is getting a well needed edit from this friend. I am basically looking for some help with figuring out steps and tools to maybe publishing. Anyhow any suggestions on what i need to do next and maybe some helpful links would be greatly appreciated. also i might need a few people i can send part of the novel too and get some feedback.
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  2. TWErvin2

    TWErvin2 Auror

    Once you get the first novel back, you're going to want to read through the suggested edits, and then probably again at least once for any revisions and concerns that were missed.

    Then, you'll probably need to decide if you're going to seek a publisher or intend to self-publish. Seeking a publisher you will need to have the manuscript completed, and research agents and/or publishers (some of the major publishers get their manuscripts via agents.). And then begin the submission process to either get an agent to represent your work, or to publishers directly.

    If you are going to self-publish, you will probably need to hire an editor and a cover artist. Depending on your computer skills, you may need someone to format/layout for ebook and possibly print publication. You'd need to research editors and cover artists.

    There is a lot more, like marketing and such, but those are the basics--and others will chime in and probably add to the basics I mentioned.
  3. Zarrax

    Zarrax New Member

    thank you TWErvin for the helpful guidance.
  4. S J Lee

    S J Lee Inkling

    Well done, but unless you are VERY talented and experienced, you might want to build up a group of readers able to provide good feedback. Your friend might not be enough on her own to turn the first draft into a finished product a publisher / agent might like.
  5. Toby Johnson

    Toby Johnson Minstrel

    publish it, and the if you want to, write another

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