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Sword & Sorcery recommendations

X Equestris

I'm not up on the modern novel scene, but I've seen a fair bit of S&S in short fiction markets. Some of the stories in Beneath Ceaseless Skies, the Sword & Sorceress anthology series (the editor has a bit broader definition of S&S than I'd usually accept, but many of the stories still qualify), Heroic Fantasy Quarterly (probably the highest quality market primarily focused on S&S type stories), the aforementioned Sword and Sorcery Magazine, and some of the content in Broadswords & Blasters.

J Q Kaiser

The "Imaro" series, by Charles Saunders.
The "Gor" series, by John Norman (the first 5 books--after that they're more S&M than S&S).
The "Thongor" series, by Lin Carter.
The "Brak the Barbarian" series, by John Jakes.
"The Tritonian Ring" and others by L. Sprague de Camp.
"The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save For Sacnoth" and a few others by Lord Dunsany.
Some of Edgar Rice Burroughs.
"Jack the Giant-Killer" and a few other fairy tales. "St George and the Dragon" and a few other saint tales. Hercules and a few other classic myths.
I think what distinguishes S&S from other Fantasy is the lone hero, as opposed to the fellowship, like in Lord of the Rings or most Arthurian stories.
Terry Pratchett, of course, lampoons S&S tropes in his Discworld series.

Thanks. There were a few of those, including Brak, that I never came across before today. I will be making some orders off Amazon today thanks to you. :)

JQ Kaiser