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Tell me about a dream project of yours (Within the world of writing)

I have an entire fantasy series of 6 books in my head, notes about characters and such.... the thing is real life doesn't give me time to sit down and write, specially in this time of the year...
What I've learned over the past two years or so is that a story is written one word at a time. And if you can find 15-30 minutes a day, then you can write 100k words in a year, which is a good sized novel. That's just getting up half an hour earlier, or (in my case, since I hate getting up early) watching half an hour of tv less in the evening or not scrolling through a facebook feed, or skipping lunch and eating while writing.

You don't need a lot of time, since you can't write a book in one sitting anyway. You just need to find a couple of small bits of time each day. So I would urge you to just start writing.


I would love to one day "write" the narrative of a dark ride in the Efteling.

Now I have a reason more to visit the Netherlands. Had no idea this place existed.

Also, what a great question!

I would definitely work on my indie video game concoction. A mix of a platformer like Ori and the Blind Forest, an RPG like Torchlight 2, and card games like Hearthstone. The story is deep inside the realm of Slavic mythology and gods, and the main character is on a personal journey of self-discovery. It is big, bold, and honestly, a dream I dare not think about often.

Generally, writing for any indie video game is one of my dreams, but this project is very near and dear to my heart.

*all games mentioned here are personal favorites of the genre, Torchlight 2 being the number one game for me, though Ori is a close second, will discuss if prompted; also, secretly hoping someone here knows what I'm clucking on about*


As common as it is to want to make an RPG, I would personally love the experience of building an RPG from scratch and creating my own campaign. It would be a tremendous amount of work but I would enjoy it :) The payoff of course would be other people playing it and loving it.


If I ever get the chance, I would love to team up with an artist and create a comic. I think it would be awesome to see the things I come up with drawn, and it would be very interesting to work with another person on a project, each of us having our own specialty. No idea yet what the story would be about, though.


I'm about 5K from finishing the final draft of the first installment of my dream project. If everything goes right, my agent will be shopping it this fall.

And yes, I'm a little excited.


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After finishing up season one of the HBO series of Sundering the Gods, I convince Robert Plant to get the boys back together (resurrection as necessary for the legendary John Bonham) in order for Led Zeppelin to record a few songs inspired by The Tomes of Touched. And they even let me suggest some lyrics before kicking my ass out of the studio.


Be in a Damon Lindelof-type situation where some piece of media that I love SO MUCH and is highly influential to my works and I get to make my own next installment in that story/universe. The only thing I can really think of that hasn't already been done would be Zoids. Or maybe The Handmaid's Tale, since I wasn't very happy with The Testaments and the Hulu show does some dumb stuff sometimes. Back when I played League of Legends The Dream ™ was to write a novelization since the lore was such a mess (but ethically I can't work with Riot knowing what I know now). Basically, I just want to write canon fanfics.

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I've had a pirate musical in mind for some time and wrote some songs for it, but never really worked out anything resembling a coherent scenario. With all my other projects, maybe I never will. And who would be going to see a musical now, anyway?


I would love to write for or even just proof read for the Echo project and their visual novels!
I don't really have the courage to ask them though.


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One thing about it, that's not necessarily relevant to the story itself, is that with an MMO there's plenty of opportunity to show off all of the little details of world building that never finds their way into a novel. And there are a tons of little subplots that can be told in parallel without having to worry about confusing readers.

There are plenty of popular non-commercial projects which sounds like a good start to me, like someone mentioned here "MUD's"... but people run 'homemade' fantasy servers all the time (minecraft, NWN).. thing is, unless you run your own server, which is not impossible for a single person to do like running an MMO, you will need to work within the confines of somebody else's fantasy settings, so stuff like writing NPC's/quests is certainly doable without a fancy resume, just so you know... you won't get paid for it but maybe it will be a decent start. The toughest part is getting the players though, building and writing the settings is the easy part.


Dream project? Hmmm

Ten years ago, I would've said a comic, but don't care about that anymore.

The only thing that would be a pure dream project because it's not likely to happen and not something I would even make the motion to happen would be a game. However, it wouldn't be a mmo, rpg action game, table-top, or even a card game. Too much world building. It wouldn't be fun.

I want something a lot simpler and character centric where I can actually tell a story and not be at the mercy of game mechanics and cool you can allow a player to do. I would want a visual novel. No dating aspects. Just the player getting dragged around by the characters in my current project. Just a humorous lighthearted game that's more of an experience than playing something. Maybe some point and click elements. Maybe the player trying to figure something out in a sort of choose your own adventure/follow a character's story while trying to resolve something overarching. And of course, no pesky romance. Colorful full of character and charm. The ultimate fluff project.


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Step 1: Write an epic taking place in primitive times
Step 2: Buy a cave system
Step 3: Paint all of it in a Lasceaux style tapestry depicting the aforementioned epic.
Step 4: Start a restaurant in the center of the cave system and sell the epic alongside roasted elk legs.
Step 5: Release glow worms throughout the cave system.

Come on. Think big!
Well, have you ever had mammoth steak? It might taste awful. Better to not risk my new restaurant on it.
The epic-ness of a mammoth steak in that setting makes up for any lack of flavour.

Also, it will get you extra publicity just for serving it. Sounds like win-win to me.