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Tell me about a dream project of yours (Within the world of writing)


Troglodytic Trouvère
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As the title says, tell me about a dream project of yours, something truly fun and ambitious. I'm not talking about finishing your next book, or attending a writing convention, or any other typical thing any bog-standard writer already wants. Use your creativity. If right now the doors of the world opened to you, what project would you want to work on?

I would love to one day "write" the narrative of a dark ride in the Efteling. It sounds like a ton of fun to come up with a journey for visitors to take, revealing the story and world you want to sell them through animatronics and pretty environments. There's something magical about the idea of people being able to physically experience your work, and then decades later taking their kids with them to enjoy the exact same work.

For those who are unaware, the Efteling is the Netherlands' largest theme park created in the 1950s. According to legend it helped inspire Walt Diney's Disneyland. Over the decades the Efteling has become a rite of passage for folks born in the Netherlands. And for good reason I'd say. It is a wonderfully fantastic place and if you love the thematic aspect of theme parks, I recommend a visit.


So what is your dream project?


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That's the spirit! That sounds like a ton of fun.
One thing about it, that's not necessarily relevant to the story itself, is that with an MMO there's plenty of opportunity to show off all of the little details of world building that never finds their way into a novel. And there are a tons of little subplots that can be told in parallel without having to worry about confusing readers.
i used to write for MUDs-- it is a lot of fun. I am sure you could set up an easy virtual MUD using lpc and sketch out the world - then if you ever got backers for doing the graphics... you would have the bones.
My dream at the moment is to turn one of my more mythic stories into a webcomic. problem is that while I am ok at backgrounds and storyboarding and layout, not so good at characters. so now exploring options with someone else to do that part! heh.


Fiery Keeper of the Hat
I could be here all day answering this question. That's not a joke or exaggeration. I have ideas for everything from a board game, to an RPG, to video games, to a webcomic, to a superhero universe, and that barely scratches the surface.

Let's go with, err.... okay, I'll do the "big pipe dreams" for my Smughitter series.

Buried in the background history I have a premise for a movie trilogy set three hundred years prior, where the region in the story was established. It starts off with a powerful fairy queen who kind of breaks bad and it leads to a massive war. There's a lot of magic, personal drama, and big characters. The deep history in this setting is all towards being cinematic, including the fall of Kax Helyis and the second tragedy of the Seelie Court.

Also buried in the story: The starting point for a video game. I'm deliberately creating the world to be filled with potential micro conflicts, with puzzles and enemies and dungeons everywhere. The idea is that a video game might begin and pick things up after book 5, set up to resolve all those little conflicts. An example of this is the fairy stone sites that have been seized by militia-type groups known as the Wantonlings, and given names like Hussy Stage and the Pissing Stone. Those are relevant to understanding the characters' history and pain, but they're not going to be reclaimed during the books. They're conflict sites for a video game.

And, err, one more: A TV series would be designed to follow a group of characters as they join the Anjana fairies and leave the region to explore the rest of the continent in search of seelie magic that may have materialized elsewhere... There's also room for an animated show maybe in a school that goes back to the bare-bones starting idea of my story, and involves a fairy character pulling small magical pranks on people in exchange for a bit of cash. And, uhhh, maybe a darker short series about a hob that has just woken up, alone, in a small town, and starts wrestling with its urge to torture everyone.
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Writing a quest (or The Quest) for a video game would be heaps of fun. I love gaming and it would be amazing to see my story come to life. The same would go with writing for the Efteling. I love visiting the Efteling and seeing a story in real life would be epic. (In case anyone from the Efteling is reading, pick me, pick me! Not Ban. Me!... ;) ).

But to add one of my own, I would love to do a cameo in a movie based on one of my novels. Not that I have dreams of being a movie star. But it just sounds like a really fun experience. And it would be great to point at the screen in a random scene and go "See that third orc on the left there, the really ugly one? That's me!"
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Miles Lacey

I'd like to see my work in progress turned into a gritty black and white crime noir style movie where I play the villain when it's completed.

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Myth Weaver
When I write, I envision myself as transcribing 'mental movie clips.' From there, the progression is rather obvious - 'mental movies' to 'actual movies.'

A. E. Lowan

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The dream? To see our urban fantasy series, The Books of Binding, in the hands of people we admire and people we care about, and to see it eventually turned into a quality TV series.


My dream at the moment is to turn one of my more mythic stories into a webcomic. problem is that while I am ok at backgrounds and storyboarding and layout, not so good at characters. so now exploring options with someone else to do that part! heh.
I’ve been wanting to get back into drawing comics for a while. We should brainstorm sometime.

Anyways, my dream project would probably be to do something on a new platform or medium.
I can only imagine how excited writers were when video games or even film got to the point where they could tell actual narratives. It would’ve been like a new frontier to explore with endless possibilities and stuff. I think it would be really cool to get in on the ground level of a new medium.


My dream is actually finishing all the books I've started writing. And when I get them all published, I'm gonna work on MORE books! And I want an animated tv series, because I'm in love with shows like Voltron, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the Dragon Prince :p


I have an entire fantasy series of 6 books in my head, notes about characters and such.... the thing is real life doesn't give me time to sit down and write, specially in this time of the year...