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(The Actual) RP Idea

Discussion in 'Ask the Staff' started by Kingly342, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Kingly342

    Kingly342 Scribe

    This is the actual idea, please ignore the previous post.


    The Wendigoes (Explained later) have discovered large quantities of Iron ore and have better equipped their soldiers. With flaming rage in their hearts they declare war on all who are not Wendigo. Empress Eileena Jikera II has underestimated the Wendigo forces and West Arkheim fell. Meanwhile, The Wendigoes have been taking the citizens of WA and making them Slaves to mine their Iron. The PCs are Prisoners in Eurlask keep.


    The Dorzahk (Dwarves) are a race of Humanoids who live underground. They had first hoped to be neutral in the war until the Dorzahk city of Dorhahmul was attacked. They are 1.7m (5'7") tall and experts in Smithing/Mining.

    The Elfrandi (Elves) are a race of Humanoids take have taken residence in the Great Eastern Forests of Amris. They are 1.9m (6'3") tall and experts in Stealth, Swordsmanship and Archery. They are allied with the Arkheins.

    The Arkheins (Humans) are a race of Humanoids who live near the centre of Amris. They are 1.8m (5'11) tall and experts in Swordsmanship, Archery and Smithing. They live in the 5 states of Arkheim.

    The Wendigoes (Unplayable) are a race of Humanoid Canines that live in the Western deserts. They are 1.7m (5'7")tall and very fast. They live in a tribal society and were once laughed at by the more civilized races. That was until they found an abundance of Iron ore and starting making Iron weapons instead of bone. They forged Iron armor and sought revenge on those who thought little of them.

    The Orcs are a race of Humanoids that have grey skin and live in the mountains. They are 2m (6'7") tall and have a similar tribal system to the Wendigoes (The exception being the Orcs have a more civilized system). They are masters of all combat arts. They live in the Mountains with their Dragon protectors.

    This is the background story etc. If anyone is interested, I'll post combat and others in a later post.
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