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The Skeleton Stone - A Taleweaver's Song adventure

Discussion in 'Self-Promotion' started by troynos, May 27, 2016.

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    Nestled in the mountains, Minoda was a small and peaceful mining village filled with industrious and hardworking people. Until the skeletons came. Overrun with the magical undead, can even the help of the wandering Far Rider, Culann Hawkfall, save the village? Or will the mystery of The Skeleton Stone doom the village forever?

    The Taleweaver's Song is a new family of fantasy adventures. It's a family and not a series as each book is relatively stand alone. In a world of magic, not every battle decides the fate of the world, not every object found will defeat a dark evil, not every farm boy is destined to save the universe. In a world of magic, there is adventure around every corner, over every hill and in every cave. Taleweaver's Song is about finding that adventure.

    The Skeleton Stone is the first of many. The next book, The Orc Plains, is due out at the end of 2016 with a ebook short story, The Gnoll Tracks, due out in Summer of 2016. Each year will see a release of two short stories and two novels.

    As the books get published, the world is also being created as a pen and paper RPG setting.

    See the development of the world and learn about The Taleweaver's Song at:
    Taleweaver’s Song | Barking Fire Publishing

    The Skeleton Stone is available from:
    Amazon (print and kindle): The Skeleton Stone: Troy Osgood: 9780692692769: Amazon.com: Books

    Barnes and Noble (print - online only): The Skeleton Stone by Troy Osgood, Paperback | Barnes & Noble

    Indiebound (print): The Skeleton Stone | IndieBound

    Kobo (eBook): The Skeleton Stone eBook by Troy Osgood - 1230001119749 | Kobo

    Also available at the following bookstores: http://www.waterstreetbooks.com/ and http://www.gibsonsbookstore.com/

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