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Those most Memorable Dreams

Discussion in 'The Dreamscape' started by Sheilawisz, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    This Sticky thread of The Dreamscape is dedicated to the sharing of your greatest dreams.

    The same can be done in other threads, but the idea behind this one is to share and describe in detail those dreams that have been the most powerful and intense that you have experienced. You know, those dreams that really shook you and that you can still remember very well even many years later.

    Even if the Dream in question was frightening, maybe there is some Storytelling potential in it. If the dream was pleasant and made you feel great, even better!

    We can discuss our greatest dreams, and talk about how they could become a story or assist in one.

    The Dreams shared here do not really need to be applied to the storytelling and writing process. If you want to share a memorable dream just for the pleasure of it, you are welcome!
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  2. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello my fellow Dream Travelers!

    I wish that many of you are going to share your most memorable dreams in this thread, and it would be an honor to be the first person to share a Great One here. The dream that I want to tell you was already described in another of my Dream threads, but it was so powerful that it deserves an entry in this dedicated thread as well.

    I call it The Catalina Dream and it was like this:

    The first aspect of this dream is that I was not there physically. I was like a ghost, like some kind of invisible presence that could fly and float around watching and feeling everything around me. This has happened to me in other dreams, but in Catalina my level of awareness was incredibly vivid and clear.

    In fact, it was so real and intense that I never dreamed anything like that before, and it has never happened since then.

    I visited a large and splendid castle, all made of some kind of red rock that looked like marble. It was a very beautiful structure, a castle from some Fantasy world like those of my stories. The Gothic windows were large and covered by steel lattice, and the castle was surrounded by peaceful gardens and a creepy forest beyond that.

    From outside it felt very peaceful, and yet somehow sad and forsaken. The sky was all gray, cloudy and sad. However when I entered the castle I discovered that everything was clean and beautiful, it was not an abandoned home. I could see every detail of the stairs, the windows and even the reflections on the polished marble floors.

    Now, this sounds nice so far but the problem was that two princesses lived there.

    I know that they were sisters even though they looked quite different to each other, and their parents were away from home in a travel or something. One of them was tall and blond haired, her face looked very white and pale like she was sick with something and her hands were like that too. She was beautiful, but eerie.

    I never heard her voice, since she was just walking inside of the castle and her hands were always covered in blood.

    The other princess was my real problem. She was younger than the first, and she had long black hair and intensely green eyes. I know that her name was Catalina, and she was a Mage, capable of flying around the castle and over the gardens and forests outside. She would also fly inside of tunnels filled with fire, which existed underground below the castle.

    Just watching her, just being in her presence was a very intense and frightening experience.

    I could feel all this cruelty and evil that came from her, she was a monster. I knew that she had killed many people, Catalina was feared in her world and I was scared that she would somehow discover that I was there... it was like she would catch me any moment, like I was in real danger even though I was supposed to be invisible.

    Catalina and her sister wore nice clothing, dresses similar to those of the 14th or perhaps the 15th centuries in Europe. Catalina seemed to prefer green, while her sister favored various shades of blue. It was curious that Catalina and her clothing were immune to the violent fires as she flew inside of those horrible tunnels.

    I followed Catalina around for what seemed like a very long time.

    Then, she got sick with something and her condition became serious really fast. It was one day in a cloudy morning when she was in her room at the highest part of the central tower, writhing and screaming in pain, confined to her huge bed.

    There were several men around the bed. They looked like monks with black clothing and pointy hoods that covered their heads, and they must have been some kind of doctors since they were trying to assist Catalina. I witnessed all of the awful scene from a position above the bed, like I was floating directly above the desperate princess.

    To my horror, the doctors or whatever that they were started to cut and slash Catalina with those metallic claw-like instruments, something like hooks. She screamed even higher, and then one of the doctors cut into her chest and she was opened like a pair of doors or something.

    There was no blood, no internal organs, not even bones... she was all dark and empty inside, like a fire had destroyed and incinerated everything inside of her. Then, this large and colorful butterfly appeared from some part of that darkness and it flew out of the room through the open window nearby.

    Catalina began to fly and she followed the butterfly, chest-opened and everything. I followed them too. They flew together in circles higher and higher, until the great tower looked very small so far below. Then, Catalina caught the butterfly between her hands and she spoke to it with a unusually kind voice:

    No te vayas, tu me enseñaste a volar... (do not leave, you taught me how to fly).

    And after that I woke up scared to my bones, shaking and gasping for air.

    This dream happened thirteen years ago, and I am still shaken and scared to this day. It has been the most powerful dream in my life, and I very much doubt that some other dream can be stronger at some moment of my future. Catalina, her sister, her castle and her butterfly shall always be a part of my life.

    I am already working to finally create a Fantasy novel inspired by this dream.
  3. evolution_rex

    evolution_rex Inkling

    Going to An Alien's Planet

    It took me weeks to recall this dream but when I did I realized that it was the best dream I've ever had.

    The still don't remember much of the first half, but I recall a lot of it was being driven around by my parents with my family in the car and we witnessed a lot of UFOs in the sky. I remember being rather frightened by it, like it was going to go War of the Worlds on us. But there was also this existential feeling, like that I was actually seeing evidence that we weren't alone in the universe.

    Then the second half was me going to bed and being abducted by the aliens. I did actually see the aliens themselves, I went to sleep and the dream transition from the first person perspective to a third person perspective. There was Earth on the horizon and endless star speckled space beyond it. I tiny little starship exited the planet and traveled through space. The perspective in which i was viewing it from was incredibly far away, some where off in space, so it looked as if it was traveling no where. And it felt like it took forever. But the space around the ship begin to have a blue hue with hints magenta, and I began to have this sense of anticipation, like where the starship was taking me was going to blow my mind.

    Eventually everything was blue with speckled stars, and I saw the planet. It was a clear, see through sphere like a bubble. As the ship got closer and closer, the sense of anticipation turned into a strong euphoria. It was an incredible feeling, something I've never felt elsewhere in real life or in dreams. Like I was about to meet God (and I don't even believe in God.) When the starship entered the planet I could see it continuing to travel toward it's center, and the feeling got stronger and stronger.

    What happened after that I can't recall, most likely I woke up after that. I just can't believe it took weeks for me to remember it, because since then I haven't been able to forget it. An interesting thing I noticed was after thinking about the dream for a long time was that the blue hue and the clear bubble planet was similar to images of sperm entering egg cells.

    Frost Bite
    This is the worst nightmare I've ever had and it still gets me chills thinking about it and sometimes I get uneasy looking at pictures of icebergs or the North Pole/Antarctica because of it. It's that big of a deal for me.

    It started with a small boat that someone was paddling through icy misty onto an iceberg. It was a man, and I saw him from behind struggle to get out of the boat and collapse on the ice.

    "Frost bite", I heard him say. That's when the sense of dread started.

    He tried to stand up, and I heard him say it again. And again. Frostbite. Then he turned and faced me, and I could see his face. It was covered in this icy mold, like the ice had spread infected him. His eyes were coated in what I can only call icy fungi. He was laughing hysterically, yelling the words over and over. Frostbite.

    I consciously attempted to wake up, and I remember opening my eyes and trying get out of bed several times but I felt paralyzed and my eyes unconsciously rolled back and I began immediately dreaming it again. The man was laughing and saying the words over and over. I was genuinely terrified, but I couldn't get out of it (I do experience sleep paralysis occasionally, but I've not heard of sleep paralysis work in this way so I can't say that's what happened but I assume it's related.)

    After one attempt at struggling to wake up, it was different when I got back to the dream. It wasn't misty anymore, the sun was out and shining against the ice. Seagulls were flying about. Then I saw the man. He was sitting cross-legged with his arms laying out on either side of him. He was staring straight into the sun, except his eyes were gone and all that was left was the diseased icy mess. He had a huge, smiling grin.

    At that moment I experienced an extreme sensation of dread. I can't explain why exactly, but everything in my gut was telling me not to look at this man and to wake up but I couldn't. I struggled and I struggled, and next thing I know it's morning. When I finally got up I felt visibly shaken and I didn't feel good for the whole day. Didn't want to sleep that night.
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  4. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello Rex!

    Those two dreams indeed sound like very memorable or Great Ones, especially the nightmare about that awful man in the ice. That's really terrifying, in particular the fact that you were trying to wake up and yet you could not do it.

    Yes, sleep paralysis sometimes works that way but still the nightmare was unusually severe.

    The dream about the aliens and the starship seems to have been more mystical and mysterious than fun, but I understand why you enjoyed it so much. The visuals of space travel and the feelings of euphoria must have been really great. To me space is more frightening than adventurous, but the way you described it sounds epic.

    It reminds me of a weird and yet cool dream that I had about UFO's some years ago, and now I have to find it in my dream journals!
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  5. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    It may seem a little odd but my greatest dream is fairly short and uneventful. I had it about 30 years ago.
    It is late summer and early evening. It is still warm but not hot and the sky is to take on those multicolour hues that stretch from horizon to horizon. I am out for a drive, windows rolled down, warm air stirring up everything in the car. I'm not going anywhere in particular. The roads we are driving along are not near my home but I do know them. They lead into some low rolling hills about 50-100 miles away. I am not usually anywhere near them, but I know I'm not there for a specific reason, I am just driving those roads.
    There is someone beside me. Apart from the feeling that I am glad they are there with me I don't know anything more about them. If they are male-female, friend-relative-lover, young-old, animal-vegetable-mineral, I just don't know. I am just content that they are there. I don't know how old I am, I am just me.
    The roads are empty. They are never busy but there is NO traffic that evening. Eventually we reach the end of the road at a viewpoint at the edge of a hill. We stop. We get out of the car and walk around the hill top watching the sky change as the sun sets and the stars come out. We watch the subtle changes and how the villages and towns lights below shows other people that are so remote from us. We can even see planes landing at an airport that must be 20 miles away. But it is the evening sky and appearing stars that keep us looking up. The dream is silent, but I can still feel the warmth of the night, the coolness of the air, the smells of heathers and late summer flowers and the overwhelming sense of calm and contentment.
    And that is it.
    In some-ways I see it as a spiritual dream. I drive through that area about every 2-3 years and it still gives me a tingle of anticipation.
    I've had nightmares, and recurring nightmares, and all sorts of weird-strange-disturbing dreams and even a few that were fun but this is the one that I remember clearest.
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  6. Here's some notable ones from my dream journal:

    March 7, 2017
    I dreamed that I was flying through space, and entered this huge, mystical eye that suddenly appeared, and there was suddenly waves and a shore of some kind, and then I was flying through the underground in increasingly smaller space, surrounded by rock and dirt, and when the space got smaller than I could physically fit into I yelled 'Stop stop!' and the dream ended.

    June 18, 2017
    I dreamed that I was in the middle of a beautiful grassy field, looking up at the clear night sky, seeing all of the stars and planets and nebulae and galaxies. I was helping a group of children, who were wavering slightly as if they were ghosts, and I'm not sure if I was helping them be born or move on to the afterlife. Once they were ready, they faded away one by one, but the last one turned into my favourite anime character, and I hugged her until she, too, was gone.
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  7. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello everyone!

    Hey CupofJoe. That dream gives me the impression that it was a remarkable experience for you. That's what this thread is about, indeed. A Great One (very memorable dream) does not necessarily have to be all supernatural and strange, like my Catalina dream. What really defines the greatest dreams, is how intense they were and how they made you feel.

    Those dreams that stay with us, because they were truly exceptional.

    Crystalline, I really like the type of dreams that you have. Most of mine are very twisted, tragic or frightening in one way or another. Well your dream about the giant eye was scary, but the one about a grassy field and ghosts is beautiful and poetic. I would like to have dreams like that every now and then.

    Have you guys considered to write a Fantasy story based on the dreams that you have described here?
  8. ^The eye wasn't actually scary at all. It was kind of like going through a wormhole, almost.
    Some of my dreams have given me inspiration for certain stories, but nothing really concrete.

    May 8, 2016
    I dreamed of a place full of soft grey mist, and I was following the Grey Princess like a shadow. Her dress was darker grey, but her body seemed quite insubstantial. Suddenly she was gone, and I found her dress on the ground [except there was no ground, just a blank white]. I saw the Princess briefly for a moment, wandering around wearing nothing, all light and free, and there seemed to be quiet, soft dawn-like light up ahead.
    Who this Grey Princess might be, I have no idea.

    June 22, 2016
    I had a dream in which Prf. X and Magneto from the X-Men were in a tent and talking and so forth, but then they turned into their younger selves. Then they turned into Sir Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart, but then they turned into Gandalf and Capt. Picard, respectively. For some reason Gandalf had the Sword of Godric Gryffindor instead of his sword Glamdring, and Gandalf and Capt. Picard went out of the tent and Gandalf drew the sword so that the silver and rubies shone in the sun.

    May 31, 2017
    I was at a bookstore or library of some kind, and the characters started popping out of the books. One of them was stuck, and I freed her[?], revealing herself to be an elemental [like a fairy] of some kind. Her being trapped in a book reminded me of The Tempest, wherein Ariel the elemental is trapped in a pine tree, and I asked if her name was Ariel. I'm not sure what the answer was. Then I was at an old, country kind of grocery store, with homemade food and such on the shelves. Someone was with me, a kind, gentle someone, and the only thing I can remember about them is that they seemed shiny or glowing in some way. I tried to convince them that getting some gluten free crackers and some cheese was a good idea, but they politely told me no. Suddenly there was another being, though whether it was the elemental from before, I'm not sure. This being was female-ish, with a spindly, thin, greyish body. She shook me around, pushed me to the floor and sat on me, and made me go oddly numb and floppy. Then it switched to third person, looking at my body, as if I was floating around, and embraced the being with my light. She turned back into the elemental, and was also shining with a nice white light. She cried and cried, but I forgave her.
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  9. evolution_rex

    evolution_rex Inkling

    I know that a sense of dread is common with sleep paralysis, as well as night terrors, but people don't typically remember night terrors. But yeah, it was a very bizarre experience and on every other occasion I've had sleep paralysis everything is fine. I'm always calm and when I finally snap out of the paralysis and remember what I was hallucinating (is that the right word? It's more like you're dreaming and the dream takes place from your point of view and in your bed), and I laugh because what's usually there is funny (like the evil robot cowboy from the film West World staring at me through the window or my older brother opening my door, mumbling something, and then leaving).

    It really was great and I crave for the experience again. It's not uncommon to experience stress, tension, or dread in dreams but I'd never had such a positive feeling in mine. I've heard a few stories from people having similar kind of feelings while taking heavy medication or illegal drugs but I wasn't on either, and theirs sounds more of a physical pleasure (there's a word I want to use but I'm not sure if it's appropriate to say it on the forums) while mine felt like I was reaching enlightenment or something.
  10. Lorna Smithers

    Lorna Smithers Scribe

    That's so powerful! I find it fascinating how Catalina was empty and yet a butterfly emerged from her. In many ancient traditions butterflies symbolise the soul... I really can't say much more about it rather than WOW! and best of luck with writing your novel.

    Also thanks for your article and starting this thread. Dreams are a huge source of inspiration for me too.
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  11. Lorna Smithers

    Lorna Smithers Scribe

    I sometimes dream of things that feel strongly like possibilities for the future. In one of my dreams I recall seeing the Pepsi Max, a roller coaster at the Blackpool Pleasure beach, several miles out to sea but still running and there being something numinous and electrifying about it. It made me think of the dramatic sea level rises we're experiencing. I record a lot of my dreams as poems. This is a poem I wrote about it -

    Sea Monument

    Far out to sea
    where waves crash
    over the Ocean Boulevard
    235ft of blue steel girders
    support the red track
    climbing, climbing
    to the peak.

    On still nights
    the click of the chain
    and thirty mighty screams
    vanishing into the sea
    can be heard by
    good ears
    as ghosts sail
    blue and red cars,
    faces drawn back
    by 80mph winds.

    It’s Grade I listed
    but we’re not allowed
    to use the unstable
    viewing point.

    Forsaking the billboard
    I climb across the rocks

    when I need soul flight
    when I need to scream.
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  12. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello Lorna, and first of all Welcome to Mythic Scribes!

    I am very happy to hear that you liked my Dreams article so much. I know that many people out there identify themselves with the concepts and ideas that I talk about, we are not alone. That's why for me it's very important to continue writing my inspirational-style articles for this site, since it's my personal contribution to the Magic that I love.

    Thanks for your personal comment in the article, I already replied to it =)

    Wow, I did not know that butterflies symbolize the soul in certain ancient traditions. In my dream it was really shocking to see that Catalina was all dark and empty inside, and then this colorful butterfly came flying out of her... That was perhaps the scariest moment of the entire dream, and now I see that it's also the most significant one.

    I do believe that the butterfly was somehow a part of Catalina.

    The concept of recording dreams as poems is something new to me, but it sounds like a great idea. I am much better with narrative prose than I could ever be with poetry so I am not going to try that, but still the way you record your dreams is intriguing. Which is the longest dream that you have written as a poem?

    It would be great if you share your most memorable dream with us.
  13. Lorna Smithers

    Lorna Smithers Scribe

    Yes, I think the association between the butterfly and the soul comes from the butterfly rising from the cocoon of its 'dead' body... It seems to have occurred across most world cultures - Butterfly Lore | Lake Waco Wetlands | Baylor University

    One of the modern stories I found chilling was how children in the concentration camp of Maidenek in 1946 had covered the walls of the barracks where they were kept with images of butterflies where they had died as if somehow anticipating the flight of their souls - Butterflies and the Holocaust | The Spirit of Butterflies

    The butterfly can also be a symbol of soul-flight in dreaming as in this card from the Wildwood Tarot I think you'll like.

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  14. Lorna Smithers

    Lorna Smithers Scribe

    Ok... although like with all memorable dreams it's quite intense and personal -

    Two years ago I had a horrific dream ending with the suggestion of an afterlife. I was a soldier fighting in a jungle and had been captured to be executed. As I faced the firing squad, I knew I was going to die. I called to Gwyn ap Nudd, my patron god, for help. Filled with super-human strength, I broke away in the form of a heavily muscled pig-like warrior. However, I was tracked down and recaptured. When I consulted Gwyn from my cell, he told me he couldn’t save me again. I must send my soul into the hazel, the beetle and... a third thing I can’t remember when it came to my execution. The next minute I was walking amongst hazel trees with a friend, speaking with complete calm about how to get my soul into a tree and turning over the leaves to find a beetle. I was utterly convinced about the survival of my soul, the calmest and surest I’ve ever felt. That reassuring feeling remains with me to this day.
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  15. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hey there Lorna!

    Thanks for sharing that powerful dream. I have to say that it feels familiar to me because my dreams are often violent and murderous, but I do not know how it made you feel and I understand if you describe it as horrific. It was very magical in nature, and I enjoy the descriptions and general image of it.

    Apart from that, Afterlife dreams are pretty cool.

    I sometimes die in my dreams. It's often a sudden and surprising death, like falling off a cliff to crash on boulders, and then I know that I am dead and I just do not care about it. For me it's like Yeah I am dead, so what? and I just fly around and travel and explore my surroundings as a ghost.

    In some dreams I have had fun exploring the houses of people and scaring them, since I appeared to them as a dark shadow that simply moved through the walls.

    In a different dream I became a much more destructive entity, and to be honest I enjoyed it a lot.

    Actually one of my Afterlife dreams was pretty memorable, though not comparable to the Catalina adventure. I am going to write a post in order to describe it in this thread, tomorrow!

    See ya everyone for now =)
  16. Lorna Smithers

    Lorna Smithers Scribe

    That's really fascinating. I've never had a dream where I've actually passed into the afterlife and much less had a sense of becoming something other. And sometimes quite intensely other from your descriptions of yourself not only as a 'ghost', but a 'dark shadow', and 'destructive entity'...

    Have your dreams affected your own views on whether there is an afterlife at all?

    Another poet who has written about dying in a horrendous dream is Melissa Lee Houghton. The final prose poem her challenging confessional collection, Sunshine, is called ‘Hope’. Hope is scarce. The subject is a dream akin to a horror movie where the narrator is kidnapped and her companions are beheaded one by one, ‘blood gushing like red schnapps.’ When she is the only one left alive for a moment she thinks she’s won. Yet the time arrives for her to hang her head over the metal sink for the man in the white surgeon’s mask with the scalpel. ‘Hope’ ends with the following lines: ‘Although my psychiatric worker said it’s more than unusual, I died in that dream, and I went somewhere. Part of me remains there, happily, in the glamorous glare of lost hope and a sadness spun of pure sunshine.’ I think that last line is painfully beautiful.
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  17. Last night I dreamed about a teenaged boy who could turn into a dinosaur [an igauanadon, to be precise], and communicate with other dinosaurs kept on some sort of reserve.
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  18. Sheilawisz

    Sheilawisz Queen of Titania Moderator

    Hello everyone!

    Hey Lorna, I hope that you are doing great these days. I sometimes take a long time to reply in Forum threads, sorry! Well that dream from Melissa Lee Houghton sounds terrifying, and I agree with you that the last line is really beautiful.

    In my dreams I am never afraid of dying, for some reason.

    I can experience fear of getting hurt one way or another and also an instinctive fear of something like Catalina, but the concept of dying itself just does not cause any fear in me when I am dreaming. Often my deaths are quick and painless, and after that the experience of being a ghost or some other kind of supernatural entity feels very natural to me.

    In my personal beliefs and spirituality, dreams are very similar to what the Afterlife is and the Afterlife is some kind of advanced Dreamworld.

    Crystalline: That must have been a very enjoyable dream!

    Now that I think about it, I have almost never dreamed about dinosaurs even though I like them. It would be nice to dream about dragons sometimes, even better than dinosaurs! Great, now I want to be a dragon in my dreams.

    What was the method of communication between those dinosaurs in the reserve? Were they able to talk or maybe it was a telepathic power?

    Well, very soon I am going to start taking Saint John's Wort again thanks to my depression problems. This mysterious and certainly dangerous substance used to give me very vivid and powerful dreams a few years ago... let's see what happens this time.
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  19. It wasn't very enjoyable, actually. The boy in question had a scientist older mentor who looked after him, but the scientist's [female] assistant took the boy away and knocked him out and abandoned him in human form deep in the reserve [for whatever reason..], and got rained on, but thankfully not eaten. I think the dinosaurs were telepathic, actually, since they never opened their mouths.
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  20. wow that is a cool poem
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