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Well met!


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Hello. Looking forward to diving into what the forums have to offer. I have been procrastinating at writing a novel for several years. I currently have a draft manuscript of 50k words for a non-fantasy novel I am working to complete. I plan to shelve it for a couple months so that I can come back to edit it with a fresh view, but I have about another 15-20k of story left to write.

My genre of choice is fantasy novels, with the DragonLance Chronicles being my all time favorite series and stories. But for some reason my first novel turned out to be a general fiction story, weird how that happens. :) . Once I have my current rough draft complete, I plan to start on my fantasy novel(s).

I have a the basic premise, major plots, magic systems, and characters figured out for a what I hope to be a trilogy or more of books in my fantasy setting. I am eagerly looking forward to starting on that project and sharing my work to get feedback and advice from a community of like minded folks.