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What genres do you read most?

With hint of sy-fi here and there.
I haven't been able to do too much reading over the past two years sadly.

D. Gray Warrior

Alas, I am not an avid reader of novels, but I prefer comics and graphic novels and I think I actually enjoy science fiction more, but I find it harder to write.

Most of the fantasy I am into seem to be science fantasy that mesh magic and mythical creatures in a high tech setting complete with robots and computers, but it can come across as kitchen-stinky if not careful.
I read a lot of Alt History. Harry Turtledove is my favorite writer. I also read a lot of history like John Jakes. I oddly enough read very little fantasy but I am trying to change that. David Eddings has some great books that I have read. But I cant find too much of his stuff in the Kindle Store.

Insolent Lad

These days, the greater part of my reading (certainly well more than half) is classic/literary/mainstreamish stuff. I, in part, blame Project Gutenberg for that. There's just so much good stuff from the past available free there. And some not so good, admittedly. Once upon a time, fantasy would have been number one with me and, before that (when I was a teen), science fiction. I read little new work from either of those genres now but do include some older fantasy and SF, as well as some action/adventure stuff (just worked through the entire Ian Fleming).


I enjoy pretty much any story with a magical or supernatural element. Lately, though, I've been reading contemporary romance- some even with a fantasy twist to it. As far as actual fantasy goes, I haven't picked up anything recent. I've also been dipping into the whole manga thing....which has never been a serious interest of mine. But I check it out because my boyfriend loves it.

Jess Reynolds

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My main interest is Nordic mythology, followed by the Viking's major influence on Britain. Then Swedish and Norwegian history in the 17th and 18th centuries. Next the Celts and how they spread into Europe defeating even the Romans, finally the Napoleonic era and his battles. Then modern writers like Thomas Hardy however the Jeeves and Wooster books between the wars will always be a firm favourite !
Comedic Fantasy
High Fantasy
Harry Potter
The rest of my fiction books are of assorted genres, mostly humorous realistic fiction and a bit of urban fantasy. Very little sci-fi

Ned Marcus

85% Fantasy
10% Classics
The rest is a mixture of science fiction, thrillers, and anything else that interests me. Of course, percentages change over time. And I read quite a lot of nonfiction, but that's another thing.
I'm trying to get into more Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, since I haven't read nearly enough. A lot of my books are Speculative Fiction, but a vast amount of it is Non-Fiction, and there's a bit of Realistic Fiction (usually I only read realistic fiction if it has strong humorous elements or LGBTQ characters, but even then I prefer Non-Fiction and Speculative Fiction)
For Speculative Fiction:
I have a lot of superhero comics, but I have not read them in a while. I also have some superhero novels/novellas, like Captain Underpants
I love High Fantasy, but I don't have nearly enough books of it
I also love comedic fantasy, such as Terry Pratchett, and have read a few of his books but I do not own any of Pratchett's works, unfortunately.
I also like Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, and basically every other Spec-Fic genre, but I prefer Fantasy to Sci-Fi