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What genres do you read most?

Fantasy, horror, and mystery/crime fiction are my top choices. Sci fi can also be, but it depends on the sci fi. There's sci fi I love and sci fi I dislike, and little in between. Since the libraries and anthologies tend to combine fantasy, sci fi, and horror, I often wind up reading all of those, but the fantasy and horror elements are what really floats my boat.

I like other kinds of books too, but I can always count on liking fantasy, horror, or mystery, so those are the genres I read most.
Fantasy. If I'm watching a movie or show, I don't mind if it is entirely based in our world. But with books I want something impossible, especially if it raises interesting questions or dilemmas.

Even in stories that have no actual magical elements, I like for them to be put into an inexplicable, seemingly magical situation that they must survive with teamwork or Machiavellianism. If the story has both magic and psychological elements, then it is very likely to appeal to me.


I'm always reading fantasy/adventure/horror. I seem to dwell in the genre in my personal works(art/writing).