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What's your favorite race to play as?

Discussion in 'Games' started by Jesse Booth, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. Creed

    Creed Sage

    Goats themselves aren't very cool by default, if you know what I mean. However, neither are bovines, and- as stated- I do love the Kossith. So having hulking ram-like humanoids would be fine by me! A few of my friends play Magic, and I saw a card with an impala-humanoid-centaur wielding magic and it was pretty cool. Then again, Magic uses a lot of hybrids and all the ones I've seen are cool. Like the elephant-humanoids.
  2. Jesse Booth

    Jesse Booth Scribe

    Bullshit. Goats are awesome.

    I feel like a more wiry build might suit them well. Imagine an entire race of stubborn, angry jackasses who cuss and drink constantly, and eat anything they want to, literally. Those would only exist as enemies if they were these big, beefy giants. Besides, I've already got Dark Elves, Dwarves, some humans, and a race of weresharks for the muscle department.
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  3. Jesse Booth

    Jesse Booth Scribe

    I'm out of new ideas for the races in the first game, so I guess I'll just use two of the ones I was going to save for expansons. Here's an updated version of my racial layout, with the changes in red:

    Comments and insight into these races is still highly valued.
  4. SM-Dreamer

    SM-Dreamer Troubadour

    When I played WoW (like... 6 years ago, before WotLK), I loved playing elves (which is odd for me, because I generally don't like elves. or maybe just standard elves...) and trolls. Sometimes I would deviate into undead, orcs, or draenai. I rarely played as a human.

    However, in TES games (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim), I've always played as a human, mostly avoided the elves, and while I admired the khajiit... I was never able to play them.

    Now, with that being said. Maybe it's because I grew up with anime and manga, but I love demons/youkai - not human, not elves, not necessarily shapeshifters, but just supernatural animal/nature spirits. Chaotic, but not inherently evil. That's what I'd, personally, love to play.
  5. Jesse Booth

    Jesse Booth Scribe

    You're in luck! There'll be plenty of chaotic to go around in this game, whether you want it in good (the Libertarian strain of Elves), neutral (the crazy-ass hyena-jackals), or evil (psychopathic weresharks and roid-raging Dark Elves) format!
  6. Ophiucha

    Ophiucha Auror

    I tend to pick 'beast' races - Qunari, Argonians, minotaurs, whatever the case may be. I have a lot of fun trying to design interesting characters with the often more varied character creation tools, and they usually have interesting and handy racial bonuses. Beast races get flat bonuses a lot of the time, like 100% night vision or water breathing or something. I also have a fondness for the green men, orcs or gnomes or something similar.

    Following that, I usually go for dwarves, just because I like to play stockier characters and often this is impossible with humans and elves (at least for female characters).

    Between humans and elves... I generally just pick the one with the most interesting culture/unique story markers and bonuses, so it varies from game to game.
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  7. Chessie

    Chessie Guest

    Elves. I'm all about them. Occasionally I play a human, but its fantasy! And if I lived in a fantasy world, I'd love to have pointy ears and be super hot. Shallow, yes. :p
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  8. Mythopoet

    Mythopoet Auror

    I like to play races that are close to human. Yeah, I'm boring.

    In The Lord of the Rings Online all my favorite characters are Elves. My main is an Elven Minstrel and I adore her. I have a Hobbit and a couple of humans, but I tend to play the Elves much more. Elves in Middle-earth hands down.

    In Warcraft I mostly played a Human Paladin. I messed around with some Night Elves and Blood Elves here and there and I even played a Draenei for a while, but when I return to the game occasionally I default to my Human Paladin (and her personal pocket healer played by my husband, best pair ever).

    In GW2 I play Norns, Humans and one Sylvari. Norns are basically just big, beautiful (the women, anyway, the men... ugh) humans so they're cool. And my Sylvari is pretty human looking too in a flowery sort of way.

    I guess as much as I say I hate humanity there's a part of me that thinks it's pretty cool too. ;)
  9. Jesse Booth

    Jesse Booth Scribe

    All your suggestions have been very helpful. I plan on starting a new thread to ask a new question that is more focused towards some of the ideas I've been working on, but I'll still be checking in on this thread.
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