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Where did your username come from?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by DragonOfTheAerie, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Devor

    Devor Fiery Keeper of the Hat Moderator

    I joined an RPG chat site a long time ago called WebRPG (which closed and we moved to OpenRPG) and Devor was the name of a bard I created on my first day for a pick-up game of AD&D. That game dissipated, I've never played as that character, and it became my screen name. I wound up DMing a lot, so having the screen name of a bard character felt right.

    But the name does have a subtle super-cool-but-really-lame meaning for that character. It's a bastardization of the "The Bore," as in somebody called him "Da Bore"ing bard and it stuck. I wrote a short story about it when somebody started a challenge here on Mythic Scribes years ago to write a story about your screen name. I couldn't really get it to work as a story.

    In other places I sometimes go by SperoAmicus, which is Latin for "To Hope, Friend." I just like it.
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  2. mrsmig

    mrsmig Dreamer

    I'm mrsmig practically everywhere I go. It's even on my license plate! It has no special significance in the world of fantasy - just a nickname.
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  3. Peter Himin

    Peter Himin Dreamer

    Himin's a handy down name which I got from my father S.P. Himin, and I got Peter from my mom although I could have been a Gwithian Himin. I'.m happy with the name I got Peter Himin.
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  4. La Volpe

    La Volpe Sage

    I guess I should post mine too. My gaming screen name was a composite name that included "Fox" (taken from Greyfox from Metal Gear Solid), and people started calling me Fox ingame.

    And then in Assassin's Creed, there's a guy called La Volpe, which allegedly means "The Fox" in Italian. I liked the sound of it, and here we are.
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  5. Heliotrope

    Heliotrope Staff Article Team

    In University ten years ago a prof started calling me "Heliotrope" because of my purple prose. I've attempted to lose the purple prose, but kept the name.
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  6. Netardapope

    Netardapope Sage

    I took mine from an old inside joke I had with my friends, in which I pretended to be the cosmic dark pope of the universe. Junior high was not the peak of my humor to say the least.

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  7. Smajdalf

    Smajdalf Scribe

    My name is from a Czech parody of LOTR.
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  8. Ragnar

    Ragnar Dreamer

    Lol, my username has an interesting story behind it. And no, it's not a reference to the Viking show character!

    Long ago, I heard about a game being developed called Dawn. The concept fascinated me and I begin hanging out on related IRC channels and posting on forums. For those who aren't familiar with it, Dawn was to be a totally free form game, a real sandbox game with absolutely no rules. Anything and everything would be allowed. In addition, the world was fully destructible. If you cut a tree down, it would remain cut down. If you destroyed a building, it stayed destroyed. Perhaps the biggest thing though, was that if you created a character, that was your only character, no multi slots. And if that character died, your life was over! No respawn at all. They said that they were going to allow players to have children, which you could transfer to. So, I hooked up with a group that planned to have a Scandinavian community, and live in colder lands, mountainous areas. So I went looking for a Nordic name and found a page of old names from Norway, and I liked the name Ragnar, so I picked it. Sadly, since the history channel show Vikings, it's become a popular name.

    The thing is, Dawn was totally vaporware. The guy who came up with the idea, an idea which had a LOT of interest at the time, had no intention of actually making the game. I don't think he could have made it and likely just wanted notoriety, fame. He strung everyone along for a year before being exposed when he missed some deadlines to release concepts and early artwork. It was a drag because I really would have liked to try out a game like that. I've been playing online games since the early 1990's, starting with TNN's Yserbius and AOL's original Neverwinter Nights. So I like the harder games. Games that don't hold your hand and show you everything.

    So, sorry it was such a long explanation. But that's where I got my user name.
  9. Ragnar

    Ragnar Dreamer

    Lol, good name choice! A friend of mine moved to NJ, to work in NY. But he ended up working at a NJ hospital. It's funny because we joke about him living there now. The whole Jerseydevil thing is pretty crazy. I've seen a few shows about the legend.
  10. CupofJoe

    CupofJoe Myth Weaver

    I like coffee. I drink a lot of it. My coffee maker is the last thing I pack when I go hiking, so it is the first thing I can get hold of whenever we stop. I have the "Cup of Joe for a Joe" image on my wall at work.
  11. Daniel

    Daniel Acolyte

    Mine is my name. Ha.
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  12. Well, that's simple enough.
  13. SeverinR

    SeverinR Vala

    SeverinR is a abbreviation of my SCA name, Then I shortened the name to be my Pen name.
    SCA name;Severin Rheinfelser. PEn name: Severin Rheiner.

    Severin did not come from Harry Potter Severus Snape. I found it when searching for a name. It was an early Pope. Pope Severous. Severin was popular for several centuries after.
    Rheinfelser: one in service to the castle Rheinfels.
    Rheiner; of or with the Castle Rheinfels near St. Goar on the Rhein river.
    My favorite castle in Germany.

    btw my Av is my unofficial SCA family crest on a shield. (I never submitted to make it official)
  14. Russ

    Russ Istar

    My birth certificate mostly. Or you could say my dad because we have the same first name.

    The coat of arms in my avatar are my family coat of arms as they should be expressed.
  15. Chessie

    Chessie Guest

    I used to have a black Labrador that competed in dog agility matches and also retrieved ducks, that sort of thing. He was pretty bad ass, so Chesterama was his nickname because it reminded me of Superman (since the dog literally flew from the boat into the water when he retrieved). His name was Chester. May he RIP.
  16. ThinkerX

    ThinkerX Myth Weaver

    Alas, 'Chester' has a much darker meaning among societies incarcerated elements. (Bad contraction)
  17. Chessie

    Chessie Guest

    Thinker, yes, yes it does. I actually named the dog after a childhood friend of all people...
  18. Gribba

    Gribba Troubadour

    Gribba is Icelandic, translates to "bullying fishwife" but one can be called gribba for many things.

    My friends used to call me gribba as I tend to be brutally honest and not willing to take crap from anyone.
    Also, it might have contribute, to the calling me gribba, that I kicked a guy in the nuts. My brother and I were walking home from a night on the town and this guy (with his two friends) starts to try to pick a fight with my brother, pushing him and trying to provoke him. My brother was trying to get away from that guy and my brother is not someone that wants to fight anyone, not even yell at a person, so I told the guy to fight me and he came up in my face and I just kicked, the other two backed away and we left. My brother told everyone about it and so the name stuck.

    Then one day when I was buying my first computer and internet connection was in the deal so the guy at the store asked me for a name to use for the mail and stuff and I could not think of anything so I just said Gribba and it has just been with me ever since. Most Icelandic ppl would not choose this name, it has a negative meaning so... I have gotten used to it, I like it.
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  19. psylenda

    psylenda Acolyte

    mine is based on a character in a novel I'm writing. In a different spelling it's the last name of a character who creates a school for mindreading.
  20. Thomas Laszlo

    Thomas Laszlo Sage

    My name is my pen name as an Author. I don't necessarily want to write with my true name because the town I live in is a high Christian based town, mostly the religious side of it, not the actual relationship with God, and many of them disagree thoroughly with reading magic books or fantasy etc. I like the name Thomas and Laszlo actual came from an upended writing expirement I did with a friend a few months ago. I am excited to read about everyone else's now!

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