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worldbuilding infodump


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So im working on my i dont know how to call it writing project called Another death which consists of 2 stories conected to each other
So here is what i made so far
After great cataclysm humans had to move to planet 17 which consists of 2 continents
Entalpia (continent of heat and fire)
Extopia(continent of natural goods and the core of magic)
Humans found extopia after a great 100 zear conquest when they first came to Planet 17
Extopia is divided in 6 countries and each of them has their own leader
Slavia-Country of fun and beatiful landscapes and that country is also known for their beatiful tales and legends and rare species as Fairies and Drekavac their current leader is Ivan Antonov
Graymore-country of dragons mountains and witches which is also known for their unique sword style South wind style which is onlz used there their current leader is Arthur Pendragon
Takamagahara-country of samurais and shoguns which is also known bz entities named Oni and Shinigami their current leader is Amaterasu
Romulus-country of gladiators and one of the most developed countries in Extopia and they are known for their unique fashion their current leaser is Mars
Walhala-country of fierce wariors there are not many informations about this country cause they cuted of all diplomatic relations with other world al we know is that their current leader is Odin
Tieras Vivas- also dont have to much information about them but poeple who came in touch with them claim that they have the perfect soul level and they can control all elements combined without a problem their current leader is Virakocha
So people on planet 17 control magic practicles named magoid they control it by sending controls with their mind and there are 5 main elements(light,earth,water,wind,fire) adn there are also tzpes of magic which humans create by mixing up those magic types for example
lighting magic(mix of water and wind to create thuderstorm)
spacial magic(mix of earth andwind)
dark magic(which was originaly created by godess of death Morana to break her seal)
And planet 17 is divided into 8 dimensions
Human dimension
after life dimension
Malthus realm
Zero gravity dimension


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Howdy Sima, welcome here.

I am not sure what to make of that. The world has enough interesting elements spelled out, but you need story to put in it. World building itself is just part of the whole. What would you like to do with this world?


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thanks for the advice and i have a good story in my mind i guess ill write it down later if i can