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Would like some feedback and ideas on my magic system still in work


Hello guys, I am fairly new to this forum and i have been reading a lot of the world building section and it seems to me people like some complex magic systems. I am a personal trainer and i am creating a magic system that has a lot of training principles that relates to anatomy and physiology and I would appreciate some feedback and new ideas. Feel free to tell me if there is anything that does not make much sense or anything that needs improvement. Reminder that I personally do not like big huge magic spells with no consequences or no limitations at all. I am heavily on the side that magic is a powerful and dangerous tool that should be used in a smart and logical sense.


Magic is believed to be originated from the titans (dragons) and passed down to humans as a form of energy. Every human can reproduce basic magic in this world but only the ones who has trained all their lives can use magic in a practical way, either for daily activities, farms and economics or even war. There are four types of elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Dark.

Water magic: Water can be controlled at liquid, gas or solid form; however, it can only be reproduced from existing water.

Fire magic: Fire can be created and reproduced from existing. Creating fire requires a lot of energy and it`s much more dangerous on the body.

Earth magic: It is basically the ability to control and manipulate earth and it`s derivates. This magic can only be reproduced, not created.

Air magic: It is considered a support type of magic that relies heavily on breathing techniques to enhance body`s physical capabilities.

Dark magic: It is called dark because nobody truly extends the depths of this magic and it is heavily associated to death and demons. Most humans cannot use this kind of magic, it is believed only humans who sold their souls to the goddess of death are able to perform and understand this magic.


Overload: Overload can be described as how much effort is put into one spell or magic skill. Training and progressive overload will give you better and safer results. Mages have to train over and over to get adapted to using a spell without side effects, however, sometimes in battle it is necessary to use larger spells without the proper training or proper form and technique which may lead to injuries.

Acute injury: It is a sudden injury with no warning. For example, somebody casting a huge fire spell that they can`t handle and that person loses a limb on an explosion.

Overload injury: Injuries derived from a long time period of improper use of a spell with the wrong form and technique. For example, a mage who has been using too much energy over and over without the proper rest and refuel has a collapse one day and ended up breaking an arm or leg due to sore muscles and bones.

Sleep and rest: Recommended to sleep at least 8 hours a day and give your body enough rest between training sessions. This principle has high impact on spells performance.

Energy and flow: Everything require energy to be able to create work. Reproducing magic requires less energy therefore less stress and impact on the body since the body is acting like an energy conduct only. Creating magic on the other hand, requires a lot of energy (body energy) and it has high stress and impact on the body. Overuse and abuse of this principle could lead to acute or overload injuries.

Attribute and affix: Every mage have a main attribute of the four elements, and they can have as many affixes of the other elements as they can. For example, a mage has his main attribute fire and 2 affixes, earth and water. That means this mage has strong fire powers and it`s his main source but he/she can perform water and earth spells as well.

Form and Technique: Mages need to stand in one position while performing a spell and they need the proper hands technique. It is still possible to cast spells while moving but the power and efficiency is greatly reduced, and only elite level mages can move and cast spells.

Body and mind: Hypertrophy, muscle strength, power and endurance are all sources of magical enhance. The more muscles you have, more power, more endurance and stamina you have the longer you can perform spells and stronger they will be. Mind to muscle connection, the movement and techniques to reproduce or create magic is all heavily connected, so it`s essential all mages to perform hard heavy labor and long hours of training the body.

Observations: This is fairly new and still in work, there might be a lot to add into it still. Also, I am reducing air magic to just breathing techniques because I am not sure how to deal with this kind of magic in my world, it feels like it would be way too overpowered.


It's a good starting point. Maybe each discipline has its own philosophy that help to mentally condition the user to the element. For instance, maybe those that have a main affinity to fire are warrior types, more prone to violence. Air could be more free-spirited and users are the jolly wanderer types.

Each discipline might have a martial art associated with them. As such there might be dijo's or colleges dedicated to each element. This could mean Fire Mages from a military academy are treated differently than a Water Mage trained by monks who seek enlightenment.

As far as restrictions, I'd modify the Form and Technique part. You could establish that each element has a moveset that maximizes the power to movement ratio of each element. For instance a water mage may have a moveset that is calm, yet effective that doesn't waist the users movement. Whereas a fire mage may have a moveset that is quick and lethal.

Overall I think your moving in the right direction. I just hope this helps. Keep it up!


I use something similar in my main story world; though in my pantheon of "energy", a caster can tap into one of 13 different types of energy in total, though only the most powerful casters. Unlike your system, casters in mine don't have a "main" power and "secondary" powers, they can access their 3 or 4 types of energy freely, with full strength, and can detect 1 or 2 more, depending on their initial training, but cannot do anything with them without further training.

I do like that your system has physical consequences for casters that abuse themselves. Have you considered the mental side of the concept? Some sort of mental energy (psionic talents perhaps) that mages can use?
It is a cool starting point. I would recommend looking at how some other element based magic system work to get inspire some new ideas. l am a huge anime fan so look at demon slayer for the way it uses breathing technique
, Fire Force in which characters have some form of psychokinesis but us it in different ways (maki uses fire to fuel flying fist
) and lastly avatar the last air bender because it does a real good job of match martial art style to element manipulation

I like the limited scope you have laid out with air. So what if air magic was only for physical fighting. Air users can only control air in a limited radius around them. Enhanced breathing helps with physical endurance and reaction speed. additionally they can manipulate the air around their body
and use it to increase the speed of their movements. If they get close to a opponent they can disrupt their breathing by manipulating air around them. Air users can also manipulate weapons with air Fujin from mortal kombat uses air to control his sword.
. However, using too much breathing technique can make the oxygen levels in body too high and using air to boost movement speed can cause muscle tears.

Maybe Fire magic can heat stroke?