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Discussion in 'Writing Resources' started by Laurence, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Laurence

    Laurence Inkling

    I recently finished every episode of the Writing Excuses podcast (for anyone who hasn't given it a go, you're really missing out).

    Can anyone recommend any other great writing podcasts out there? I'm looking for both technical writing help, writing inspiration and reading inspiration. Some fantasy talk is a plus. Writing Excuses hit all of these perfectly, though they did start repeating a lot of the general writing tips by the end so I think I'd like to dig deeper into the technical rather than the theory now.

    I was considering binging every episode of Grammar Girl next, but I see there's only a few episodes up for free on the Apple Podcast app. Has anyone listened to a decent amount of them and enjoyed? Any other good podcasts included in the £5 a month Stitcher Premium subscription?
  2. ChaoticanWriter

    ChaoticanWriter Dreamer

    Mosts of the writing podcasts I'm subscribed too aside from Writing Excuses are mainly geared toward rebuilding writers confidence and doing short exercises. (Writing Unblocked, 10 Minute Writers Workshop)

    A Writers Life is an exception. There's some interesting insights I've gotten from it; its not as up-front and transparent as Writing Excuses, however.
    Same with Helping Writers Become Authors.

    I subscribe to them via PodcastAddict on my Android phone.
  3. I listen to Mythcreants' podcasts a lot.
  4. vivienne

    vivienne Acolyte

    I recommend Inside Creative Writing, from Brad Reed. It's witty, and for me it felt very fresh and honest. He talks about techniques he uses in his writing and he features interviews with other authors, too.
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