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Thread: Largest Changes you've made in Revision

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    I must say, though, that when going over my first draft of the current WIP, i had no idea how to fix it. Or even begin to fix it. It was a huge mess and it petrified me.

    However, I was soon able to work out the knots, one at a time, and it wasn't so bad after all.

    Ugly first drafts are not as scary as they look.

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    I've told this story on here a lot, but I did a massive revision and eventual series of rewrites, making my hero into my villain and vice versa. It finally hit me that the real story was about the then-villain's redemption and not about the then-hero's adventures as a Lost Prince(TM) who Discovers that He can Do Magic(TM) and Comes of Age in a Magical World(TM).

    Hey, it was my first novel. I thought it was groundbreaking.

    I still have a few original versions with the now-villain as the hero; it needs a complete rework, but it will be a prologue and origin story once the rest of the series is out.

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    I did the unthinkable. I re-wrote the MC. It meant a major change in the flow of the story but was also the best lesson learned. Granted I will probably not do that again, but I made me really re-evaluate all the other characters.
    I found it best to put it away for a while then come back to it.

    Ask yourself, are the changes serving the character arc?
    I had to chop off a lot of scenes that I loved. Kill your babies. As much as I loved them, they did not serve the story in the whole and was more fluff than expedient. Will your story colapse without them? Or are they set ups for a scene down the line.

    Every scene has to lead somewhere if not they could be a distraction from your storyline.
    Even fluff scenes must be a set up. They must give information to the reader that is vital to the finale scene, or rhaps mislead the reader on purpose.

    I'm still learning how to be better at it but ask yourself the hard questions. It's worth it.
    Good Luck.

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Largest Changes you've made in Revision   Largest Changes you've made in Revision   Largest Changes you've made in Revision