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Short Stories

  1. Dragon Dearest

    a Faerie Knight wants to exscape the reality of his existance and starts an affair with a Dragon but the parts of his life he tries to ignore are still lurking in the background.
  2. The Aphalia-Aestia War Part 2

    Success had been made across the SouthShattered Sea however, the Halasphorans had made landfall on Dacacia and after a short siege had managed to secure the surrender of the city, capitulating and...
  3. The Aphalia-Aestia War Part 1

    The transition out of the Boundlord system after nearly 2 Ages was bound to inevitably be a trying time for the many nations of Aph. Marred by confusion, corruption, and division it was kept...

Book Chapters

Please comment any advice, questions, edits, or thoughts. Constructive criticism is welcome here. :) thanks.
PART 1: The Treethane, the Beekeeper, & the Diplomat
A prologue for those ready to travel.

Journal Entries

3 months after it crashed I have my PC back - with all files intact. I'm a prolific creator (and not just with writing) plus I'd been slack with backing up my work, so there was a lot of material...
I was injured at the end of 2016 and sometime after that had my second break-down. It's no exaggeration to say that I barely made it through 2017 in one piece and often the only way I made it...
Writing, esp poetry, has been a huge part of my recovery.