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  1. K

    Ritual of offering memories or biological imprints? Failure means death

    I trying to craft a ritual in a culture ruled by powerful shapeshifters that assimilate animal DNA or bio-imprints. The shapeshifter makes an offering to the dormant, semi-sleeping Earth Dwellers. Should the offering be accepted, the supplicant receives some sort of biological upgrade. Should...
  2. Draco Roma

    Advice or help finding cultural consultants/collaborators?

    Hello! For one of my projects, i base a lot of the cultures in the world off of real world cultures. However, I do believe it's important to be as authentic as possible. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to find cultural consultants or would be able to help out with my work. Specifically I...
  3. Cool-Beans

    Anti Semitism & pro semitism in literature

    Hi guys. Towards the end of the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ there is a piece of dialogue between the kids and one of the adults saying that the Jewish people have only helped advance any society / culture they’ve been a part of. Although when I was reading this entry in the novel it almost...
  4. Miss Grimoire

    Resources for writing North American Indigenous characters?

    What are some good resources (i.e. people, websites, books) on indigenous cultures in North America, specifically Canada? What are some tips for writing accurate indigenous characters as a white person? What are some subjects I should avoid when writing Indigenous characters?
  5. PianoFire

    Magic As a Tool, Instead of a Replacement for Technology

    Hey, first time posting. I’m starting to create the bare bones of this world, and I’m still getting the whole skeleton together. The basics that I have so far is that the most developed parts of the world do have very rough technology. Think DaVinci, and possibly bordering Tesla once...
  6. J

    What POD Would I Need to Make the European “Flag Samurais” a Reality?

    In honor of the much-delayed Tokyo Olympics, Japanese artists (I've never found their names) have drawn the flags of all the nations personified as anime warriors. For this question, let's focus on the following nations: United Kingdom of Great Britain Italy Finland Sweden Spain...
  7. J

    What Point(s) of Departure Would the Native Americans Need to Sail Across the Atlantic and Colonize

    Full title is actually "What Point(s) of Departure Would the Native Americans Need to Sail Across the Atlantic and Colonize Europe?" Sometime last year on DeviantArt, I found this map by MoshiDungo: The title of the map is What if the Americas colonised Europe? As the title explicitly...
  8. P.A. Trujillo

    Hawaiian names

    Does anyone have any hints or tips on the grammatical construction of Hawaiian names? I'm trying to use Hawaiian prefixes and suffixes to create my own names, but I don't want my words to sound inaccurate. Any help would be be appreciated.
  9. P.A. Trujillo

    Help Depicting Names

    So for my fantasy world, I am using the languages of our world to create names for my fictional characters, countries and kingdoms. But I don't fully trust Google Translate, so I am seeking the help of anyone who knows any language other than English to help me write believable. If you can give...
  10. P.A. Trujillo

    Fantasy worlds (that aren't European)

    What is the one continent/nation/culture that doesn't get enough representation in fantasy fiction, in your opinion? Many authors go straight for a vaguely European flavor (and not without reason, mind you), but there are plenty of other cultures from around the world that could spice up the...
  11. Ž.J.

    Culture in Medieval Fantasy

    Hey folks!! Had quite some fun with our last discussion over "empires" and now I have a new topic in mind! How important is culture in a fantasy world? In my own fantasy world, that is only populated by humans, I find creating new and diferent cultures important. Combine this with my love for...