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  1. Redfrogcrab

    Ask me about: Railroads

    Howdy! Tis but I, your (hopefully) favorite crustacean, and today, I'd like to share my knowledge I've Acquired about Railroads, specifically about Locomotives (how they work, the differences between the kinds of motive power, how they're run, etc.), Rolling stock, Opperations, the tracks...
  2. Draco Roma

    Advice or help finding cultural consultants/collaborators?

    Hello! For one of my projects, i base a lot of the cultures in the world off of real world cultures. However, I do believe it's important to be as authentic as possible. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to find cultural consultants or would be able to help out with my work. Specifically I...
  3. M Corbett

    Advice for approaching scientists for help with research

    I am referencing some pretty cutting edge microbiology and neuroscience in my book but I’m not a scientist myself. Does anyone have any tips for approaching the researchers who authored the papers I’m using? I want to do this respectfully, with reasonable expectations of them.
  4. Miss Grimoire

    Resources for writing North American Indigenous characters?

    What are some good resources (i.e. people, websites, books) on indigenous cultures in North America, specifically Canada? What are some tips for writing accurate indigenous characters as a white person? What are some subjects I should avoid when writing Indigenous characters?
  5. Eztlirald Clarinda

    Anything on demons and demon possessions???

    So I have this new addition to the world building and plot of my story involving demons and demon hunters. However, to make it as accurate as possible, I want to do some extensive research over demons, their power, their community, demonic possession, and anything related to the above. Anything...
  6. P.A. Trujillo

    Hawaiian names

    Does anyone have any hints or tips on the grammatical construction of Hawaiian names? I'm trying to use Hawaiian prefixes and suffixes to create my own names, but I don't want my words to sound inaccurate. Any help would be be appreciated.
  7. Valen

    Magick And Symbolism

    As a young and aspiring writer, most would assume that since im writing about a topic as broad as fantasy it would be difficult to reasearch and blend all the reasearch together. Its not. I might be one of few that once had this issue, so I am sorry if this does not help. Anywho, lets begin...
  8. Artemis_Foo

    Modern History TV

    These guys are amazing for a comprehensive look into medieval culture and life that can be easily translated into a fantasy setting. Allowing a genuine and realistic feel for your stories, or if you just want to know that kind of food people of the common classes would eat, or the equipment a...
  9. v_legolas_gleaf

    [2019] : What kind of laptop do you use to write on?

    As of 2019, what kind of laptops does everyone use to write their articles / stories on? I'm curious to know as I might get a new laptop for writing myself down the line. All inputs and replies will be appreciated! :happy::cat:
  10. K


    So I’m working on a story haven’t written anything besides brainstorming the characters, types of creatures, etc. mostly been researching demons as that will be the monsters in the story. What type of demons are there? Can I make up my own? I found a couple of mythology demons that would fit my...
  11. DataCharts


    20 most common attributions