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2013 - My idea for a Disaster/Comedy movie =)


Queen of Titania
You know that sometimes I like to write twisted satire stories, having shared some of them in the Showcase sometimes. This time I want to share an idea that I have for another possible story... but I was thinking that it would be better as a movie, perhaps a satire of the 2012 disaster movie.

Here we go, please let me know what you think:

The movie's name would be 2013, just that. It's the story of young Melissa Iceheart, a twenty year old woman who lives at Vail, Colorado. Melissa is struggling to pay college and become a marine biologist (yeah, strange for someone who lives at Colorado) so her house is like a huge aquarium, which is disliked by her family.

Melissa's parents are called Charles and Catherine. They believe that Melissa is wasting her time, because it's December 2012 and the end of the world is drawing closer... They are Preppers (people that prepare themselves for potential disasters) and they are really into it, even building a survival bunker in the backyard.

They have also a sixteen years old son called Graham, who is heavily into Prepping as well. Melissa is sometimes embarrassed when they go to the supermarket together, because Graham insists on wearing a gas mask all the time.

The thing is, December 21 2012 comes and goes and nothing happens... Melissa is mocking her disappointed family after they celebrate Christmas, and then, things change suddenly after they celebrate New Year's Eve:

All of a sudden, the global economy collapses at the same time that world war 3 breaks out. Meanwhile a deadly pandemic is spreading everywhere, the magnetic poles start to shift causing major earthquakes, the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts and alien starships show up in the sky, vaporizing entire cities with death rays...

Not to mention the ten-mile wide asteroid that sets course to crash against Earth within a few days.

The movie follows the Icehearts as they depart from Vail in search of the underground city that the government had built in secret, always chased by praying mantis-like aliens, secret agents of the government and the poisonous clouds from the Yellowstone explosion.

In the end, Melissa and her family manage to reach the underground city minutes before the asteroid hits... However, a black hole traveling through space devours Earth, with underground city, pandemic, alien starships and killer asteroid all together =)

Any feedback? Should I write this as a short story for the Showcase??
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Any feedback? Should I write this as a short story for the Showcase??

Sure. I haven't seen 2012, but your story sounds interesting. :)

The only thing is it might disappoint the readers that, after all the adventure and obstacles overcome by the characters, a black hole simply shows up and devours Earth. I think you'd have to keep the story fairly lighthearted in order to pull it off.
On the other hand, if you scratched the part about the black hole, you could have the family reach the underground city and leave the ending open about how they, along with other families, have to rebuild their life. That could spark more interest in readers, who are left to interpret whether or not human civilization will succeed in rising again.