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Idea for fun game/challenge

At the summit of Mount Kolchis, ancient crystal skeletons of long-dormant gods cease their slumber as the infernal demons of dairy strike at hallowed halls to build their calcium reserves. Humphrey, crystal god of disapproval, drains his glass and hovers over the mountain snow towards the laughing god of mockery.

"What," Humphrey gestured, "is that?" The god of mockery, Izgili, nodded and unsheathed his gargantuan spoon.

“That, my friend, is a triple decker burger bus packed with weapons of mass cheese production."

Humphrey disapproved strongly, "Utterly ridiculous! The vegan cults. . ."

"Enough! We will continue on with my plan. Cheese is the ultimate weapon we need."

"YES!" yelled scribe Ban, before being tossed over the cliff and landing on a soft lump of cheese that was covered in colonies of mold.

"Good riddance," said Humphrey, "Now, I shall rally the curds and set out to Mount Camembert”

“This is so cheesy,” Izgili rubbed his hands together, "but I wouldn't miss it for all the cheese in the Land of Anchovy." He laughed loud and wickedly.

"Of course, the demon, Velveeta, and her consort Crackers, are bound to try and stop such a wicked, devilish scheme."

Izgili shrugged "Those two couldn't...