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blog Avatars of the Divine: Gods Living Among the Ancients

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Avatars of the Divine: Gods Living Among the Ancients
This article is by B.K. Bass, and is presented by Worldbuilding Magazine.


When we consider the history of world religions, certain images are bound to come to mind. Imposing Greek gods and heroes wrought in marble statues. Ancient Egyptian tomb walls covered with paintings of their deities. Along with these representations are the many totems, trinkets, and baubles that may grace either the neck of the devout, or a small shrine in their home. When we visit a gallery or museum in the Western world, or peruse almost any publication on the subject, we are often greeted with images from the Renaissance of figures from the Christian faith. Even today, many homes host icons of one god or another, and some people wear jewelry proclaiming an allegiance to their faith. Even for those of us who chose not to follow one of these traditions, it is undeniable that their presence not only fills our history books, but also permeates our modern world.

Looking at artwork intended to represent a people’s theology isn’t limited to places of worship. From civic projects to an idol in one’s pocket, the presence of the divine was often kept close to the people. There could be many reasons for this phenomena, and exploring them all has already filled volumes. In its simplest form though, the act of creating artwork to represent one’s beliefs is a way of...
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